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AbOUT Camp Now

Camp Now is a content and artist development company. We are currently developing an original trans-media* series created by Cassidy A. Maze, called Crealitation (The Myth, Method, Music and Magic of Cassidy A. Maze).

More About Camp Now

Camp Now focuses on themes of “creating reality,” cross-platform storytelling and social change. As the company grows, the artists who work with the Crealitation platform to develop their own Gifts will win eligibility for representation by Camp Now.

Taking projects from the ground up, we work with artists to develop their ideas from raw concepts to valuable intellectual property. We help artists incubate their own work until it is ready to be brought to market at a grassroots level. Organizing and facilitating our artists’ healthy personal lives, we help them live well through sustainable models of peace and social justice while they grow their customer base and community. In addition, we clean up their web presence, build and act out their radical social media campaigns, and manage their “slow-art” path to their Core Tribe. 

Camp Now also manages artist communications and scheduling. We empower artists to frame their “root companies” and grow their IP. For example Creality TV, Inc., Camp Now Retail, Camp Now Gift Shop and Trading Post, Camp Now Music and Camp Now Collectors Books. We build empowering relationships for the artist, find their most devoted customer base, and when they are ready, we help them identify the right strategic partners to license and develop each aspect of their now valuable IP and persona for a larger audience. 

*In this case, trans-media is defined as the art of telling a multi-media story, across multiple platforms, from multiple perspectives, for the purpose of helping people make "money pie" and "crealitate peace Now."

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