Crealitation: My Real Life Journey & How to Play the Game

To: You, who is ready to be the change you wish to see in the world

From: Me, who is, also, ready to be the change I wish to see in the world, and who's ready to share the tools that will help us do it

Dear You,

The winds of change are blowing... can you feel it? There is a revolution brewing... or, to be more accurate, a great Evolution... 

This is bigger than mankind has ever seen before. It has to be.

My soul has always felt this call to be the change. For most of my life, I've ignored it. I had not enough time, not enough money, not enough will, not enough [insert lack belief here] to "be the change." I was a full-time college student with a part-time job and a handful of neuroses, barely scraping by as it was. Everyone was counting on me to be successful, and I was not one to let my people down. 

To survive, I blended in. I was brilliant in my classes, but not too brilliant. I felt content to be accepted in whatever social scene I happened to find myself in. I occupied my time by obsessing over boyfriends and my self-image. 

I was stuck in a loop of consuming and being consumed... but, by this, I could never truly be fulfilled. 

I reached my breaking point when I found myself bleeding on the pavement at the hand of the latest lover who had just shot himself up with my last dose. 

I had no home. No money. No dignity. 

This was the pivotal moment when I knew I had no other choice but to be the change... because whatever I was doing wasn't working and could only ever lead to one place. Humbled, I fully accepted my role as forever student in the University of Life. 

This University sure does work in mysterious ways... and as such, my lowest bottom became my greatest blessing. I picked myself up off the concrete and started crawling along the path of Truth. I stumbled blindly, following only the faintest light in the distance. 

Pure beeswax candles hand-made locally in the Berkshires and more available in the  Camp Now Shop .

Pure beeswax candles hand-made locally in the Berkshires and more available in the Camp Now Shop.

Does this hit home? 

I urge you, Dear Reader, to simply notice where you are Right Now. Take a deep breath and with honesty and no judgment, take stock of what is currently happening in your Story.

Perhaps, as countless many are, you find yourself in the midst of a howling storm. Maybe you feel like you just can't keep it together or like you'll never get it all figured out... (or perhaps not and that is equally important and relevant, sit tight.)

Tell me, have you considered the possibility that all is happening in the interest of your highest benefit so you can fully embody your role in the Evolution?

With the winds of change come the falling away of all that does not serve your happiness and truest fulfillment. Let go a little more, Dear Reader... be brave. The Truth is longing to be expressed and celebrated.

In the Crealitation community, we want to hear your Truth and celebrate your active participation in the Evolutionary Story. 

As I continue to let go of habits, jobs, relationships, stuff, etc. that are no longer relevant to the story I wish to create, I uncover more Light within me. Three years since that pivotal moment, I have stumbled Here to a point where I can see and experience first-hand a world where humans come together, working harmoniously with Nature, to create a Safe and Happy Story on Earth. The darkness hasn't gone away, but the stumbling has transformed into a dance of trust.

MamaDala dancing in her Light - playing around with a prototype of a hand-made sustainably sourced bamboo reed hula hoop in Maze's station. 

Do you Re*Member? 

In the Crealitation game, the Evolution of Humanity has already happened. We who hear the call are the ones who are remembering it. The path leads us to live our lives truthfully and joyfully, reviving the world that is filled with Light.

Are you ready to accept your role as a Student of Life (sol) and help us create the beautiful future? 
Join the Evolution. Begin Course One: the Magic of Difficulty. 

As you browse through the Crealitation media platforms and read your subscription of the "Dear You... Daily," you'll start to get a sense of who your fellow classmates are and how the game will help you be the change you wish to see.  

When you say YES to the practice, you'll receive assignments and support to help you create the life you want to live now. In the "Dear You… Daily" email newsletter you will find descriptions of Assignments 1-3 and the Basic Terms of our Sacred online community called the Egg Room. Below is your first assignment... subscribe to the Daily to find assignments two and three

Assignment 1: Start Your Station

Your Station is a physical space of reflection exclusively for the items, pictures, words, etc. that represent something meaningful to you related to your dream reality. This space is signified and activated by a lit candle. It is an altar, a game board, a transformational space, a prayer, and so much more. Make sure it is in a place where you can be alone for at least 5 minutes each day. 

"When you are alone in your Station, light a candle and give thanks for the Light within and without. Take a deep breath of gratitude (DBG) and ask for help crealitating your own dream life. Who are you asking? That is a question we’ll answer by the end of Course One, but the short answer is, no one really knows. It is the unnamable X, the Source of all Energy, sometimes called God." -page 9 of the Course One game book

All sols committed to the practice of Crealitation are encouraged to join our Sacred online community in the Egg Room.   

Find the support you need to incubate good ideas - request an invite to our compassionate and empowering community   HERE  .

Find the support you need to incubate good ideas - request an invite to our compassionate and empowering community HERE.

Share your Station with like-minded sols. Receive coaching and support from seasoned Crealitators. As you do your homework and interact on the platform, you win ribbons that you can use to receive professional coaching, opportunities, discounts and gifts to help you create the reality of your dreams. 

These ribbons will help us to grow the Ball of Peace and crealitate Peace on Earth right now! Find out more about the Ball of Peace and how it ties into the Happy Story by interacting more with the game.

MamaDala holding the Ball of Peace outside of the Tiny Creality Shop at the Camp Now Art Farm 

MamaDala holding the Ball of Peace outside of the Tiny Creality Shop at the Camp Now Art Farm 

Stay tuned for announcements about our weekly Creality Market, where you can grow the Ball of Peace, meet your Sol mates, pick up your locally sourced goods, hear our Music, and participate in the Happy Story. 

Your friend in the Evolution,
Jess Kitch (MamaDala) 




Breathing in the Holy Now (and it feels so good)

To You: Your amazingly radiant self

From Me: My amazingly radiant self


Dear You,

The opposite of addiction is connection. 

New and better-feeling things will enter if there is space.

Hiking through the rainforest in Costa Rica, January 2017

Hiking through the rainforest in Costa Rica, January 2017

Those are the two main lessons I have learned since I last wrote to You on the Camp Now blog.

I traveled to Costa Rica for two weeks in January on a service trip with my school. For the first time in many months I felt no anxiety.

When I returned to school, the anxiety slowly returned, though not as severe. I asked myself what was different on the Costa Rica trip than my normal life. My hope was that I could find a cure for my anxiety in the answer to that question. I thought if I could integrate some aspects of my routine in Costa Rica into my daily life, I could feel a lot better.

In Costa Rica, I felt connected. I couldn’t use my phone, so I talked to the people around me. There were no screens on the windows and therefore we were never truly “inside,” so I was connected to nature. I hiked through the rainforest and it was freaking awesome!! I worked with my hands and for the first time in all my life, I really felt the rain on my skin when it was falling. All I was concerned with was the task at hand, whether that was mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow or painting a globe for a mural next to the school bathrooms. The environment we were in provided the ability to go deeper in conversation. Every time I sat down with someone, we talked about the universe, religion, social justice, our childhood or what true happiness is.

Sure, I can’t hike through the rainforest in Connecticut. I don’t paint murals every day. But I can be more present for every moment. I can seek to be amazed by the landscapes around me.

Now, I am trying to find connection like that here in the United States. Here, I am typically on my phone a lot, I don’t talk to the people sitting next to me in class, my mind is usually ten steps ahead, thinking of what homework is due next week, I don’t get outside often…

I know all those things are within my power to change. I’ve started bringing myself more into the present moment.

I put my phone down while eating so I can taste my food. I say hello to the person next to me in class. I write down when I will do my assignments so I don’t have to think about them until it is time to work on them. When I am walking to class, I look up at the sky and I take note of how the air feels as I breathe it in.

I have much less anxiety than I did last semester after making those changes. I keep thinking of more ways to be fully present. I know that the more present I am, the better I feel. It is a work in progress. I am excited by the progress so far.

I recently read in the book Awakening the Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das of a Dzogchen teaching that says, “Leave everything as it is and rest your weary mind.” When I find my mind wandering, I’ve been taking a DBG (deep breath of gratitude) and reminding myself of this teaching. I learned the DBG from G.E. Fox ( and it helps me so much to re*member.

As I release into the present moment, the Holy Now, I find there is more space. More space between thoughts, more space between an occurrence and my reaction, more space for people to enter my life.

When I sit in the beginning of class looking around, patiently waiting for class to start rather than having my face in my phone and my headphones in, I leave space to make a friend. When I walk to class and pay attention to the path I am walking and the beauty of my college campus, I leave space to find joy in simple things I would otherwise not notice, like the great blue heron wading in the lake or how bright the moon is that night. When I release a problem that is troubling me and simply breathe in the Now, I leave space for the universe to come up with a creative solution my little human mind cannot comprehend.

Part of my walk to class. Isn't it so beautiful?

Part of my walk to class. Isn't it so beautiful?

The change this new mentality has created in my life has been a breath of fresh air. The universe has been shifting things around for me and leaving me with better feeling thoughts, situations and people. I release into gratitude, into simple joys, even into pain. I want to feel the painful moments too. I want to be fully present for all the laughs and all the tears this lifetime is bringing me.

Will you find new ways to be present in the Holy Now with me?

Let me know what works for you. Is it chewing your food an extra couple times to fully enjoy the flavor? Is it taking a deep breath before you speak?

I’ve had so many divinely inspired ideas flowing to me since I have created more space for them to flow. I’m so excited to share more here and in the Egg Room.

Being present for all the fun moments of my life, like drinking tea in this cute house in Great Barrington, MA

Being present for all the fun moments of my life, like drinking tea in this cute house in Great Barrington, MA

The Egg Room is our beautiful Crealitation private social media platform where we talk about how to reduce anxiety, be free, have fun and grow the Happy Story.

To learn more about how to create reality every day, sign up for the free Dear You…Daily at It has crealitaiton inspiration, links to join the egg room, videos, photos and more.

With much gratitude for the Journey,

Love Gabby




Can You Feel the Sun Yet?

To: You, the honest workers who are really just itching to dance barefoot in the warm dirt and feel the sun on their beautiful skin

From: Me, who wants nothing more than to share my Sacred song, dance and play with you and your children this summer

Dear You,

If you have come so far as to read this blog post, then I must address this directly to YOU right now… THANK YOU for showing up to follow your titillating little curiosities and to nourish the naturally artistic part of your soul just dying to come out. You must be a beautiful soul to have entered this Sanctuary of ours at Camp Now… WELCOME.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Me, Jess Kitch, as I am, on the day I wrote my first blog post at the Art Farm March 1st, 2017

Me, Jess Kitch, as I am, on the day I wrote my first blog post at the Art Farm March 1st, 2017

The name I have been given is Jess Kitch… yet there are many fragments of this Self that like to go by other names. I love to explore all the characters inside of me, and let them be expressed freely in my authentic dance and song.  

One character I would like you all to meet is MamaDala. She is the superhero inside of me, who finds pure Ecstatic Joy in dance, especially with Hula Hoops. She tells a Revolutionary Story through her movements. She is One with Nature, and through that connection, she finds infinite Power inside of her. She sings her Heart Song loudly and encourages anyone and everyone to join her. She feels deeply for the children.

She exists to serve herself as Queen so she can serve the children.
Oh, does she delight in beautiful Life on Mother Earth. She dances in both Light and Darkness, unafraid of the unknown.

An early incarnation of MamaDala, the Dancing Manifesting Mistress of Hula Hoops 

An early incarnation of MamaDala, the Dancing Manifesting Mistress of Hula Hoops 


She’ll be writing to you periodically to tell you she Loves you, to showcase her work, and let you know when and where you can find her and dance with her.


But for NOW, this is Jess Kitch… Raw and true - reporting to YOU from exactly where  I am. 

Where I am right now: surrounded by blissful possibilities, letting go of the past that is no longer relevant to my Happy Story

Recently, I have discovered a strong kinship in the woman who is at the core of this whole enterprise, Cassidy Maze. You may also know her as Lizzie West, and perhaps a few other names from other incarnations of this One Whole Project of Peace.

Our souls recognized each other immediately and we both said Yes to all that we can do for each other in Love.  With excitement, groundedness and sincere prayer, she has agreed to take me and my 1-and-a-half-year old daughter on to live and work on the beautiful Real-Time landscape at Camp Now.  I move all my stuff on April 1st! 

This is the start of something BIG. 

There is much to do and an even Happier story we can write together…

Don’t worry, you’re all in the Story! 

If you are ready to create with us, we plan on letting you inside our world more and more. Look for weekly videos of the life here and how you can be involved on Creality TV!


Subscribe to Creality TV on Youtube

Subscribe to Creality TV on Youtube

In the last 2 weeks, as I’ve been getting to know this land and our new Family, my world has been completely shifted. I am a new Jess Kitch. Again and again, I evolve and become transformed… my cells die off. New ones are produced. This is the way that it is supposed to be.

Within each of these cells is a remainder of the Great Creator who set this life all in motion… He is my Father, and I am his Child, so I pray in gratitude and delight in my breath. The Earth is my Mother and I am a beautiful extension of her, so I Love, Appreciate, and Protect her.

As I shed and let go I grow closer to the divine in me though finding Joy in my Gifts and sharing them.

I learn to do this in the School of Life so I can cultivate my talents and learn to share them effectively to create Real Change.  That is… Real Change in the social, political, environmental, and greater world around us, stemming from Real Change in myself… Exploring my creativity and giving it Value has saved my life from countless instances where I almost pressed the Self-Destruct button.

I have just entered the never-ending course of Motherhood. As I navigate this epic journey of mothering the sweetest child I have ever met, I learn to love Myself and everything deeper. Her name is Aurora, and she has divinely brought me here to a new life in the Berkshire Mountains 2 years ago.

I am 23 now, and I find myself immersed in the dream scene I’ve been imagining in my mind for myself to have hope in times of darkness.  I realize now that I can truly create anything that I desire, as long as it is in alignment with the vibration of Love and Peace for the Whole of Creation.  

This is the world of Crealitation, where we learn to create the reality we wish to see more righteously and accurately. Whether or not you know it, you are Crealitating right now with us. Let’s get to know each other, be friends and enjoy Crealitating together… subscribe to “the Dear You… Daily” to discover this world and receive exclusive content.

This Summer… in the Story of 2017, the Year we Realized our Purpose….

I am envisioning you and me, with golden Sun in our hearts, smiling with gladness in our whole bodies, moving to the music of the Earth. I hear wind chimes in the warm breeze, and smell a floral fragrance in the air, as I take a Holy moment to hold your hand, and breathe gratefully for your presence in my life.  

I see us connecting and discovering something we can fulfill for each other over a locally sourced, organic latte made at the Camp Now Café. I see us creating dances, songs, rituals, Art and Food. I see us together in a circle around a fire, lighting our Candles to illuminate the darkness and sing with our Souls.

I see the good things coming. I have hope for a better world. Let us do this together, not only for ourselves and our own well-being, but for all future generations to come. And for this girl, Aurora, my heart and soul embodied.  

Your friend in the Evolution, Now and always. 

18 month old Aurora with one of her Fairy God Mothers 

18 month old Aurora with one of her Fairy God Mothers 

A Month Off Social Media

To: You, who is feeling profoundly overwhelmed by the twisted plot of a sci-fi thriller that is coming to life in this world as we speak

From: Me, who feels the same way, and who is committed to letting you know, that, as Legend has it, there is really only one way out of this hell that the Wickeds are currently manufacturing on purpose (or so says the Crealitation Conspiracy Theory)

Dear You,

Why am I slowly leaving Facebook? Because my little guru asked me to.

Why? Because she sees my phone – and the world that lives inside it – as a Wicked distraction from everything that matters. Mainly her! And all the beauty that surrounds her at our little Art Farm homestead and Nature center in upstate NY. She says: Less phone. More fun, more books.

Lots more about all that as I continue to build an argument– and support system – for my own Facebook exodus, how about yours?

I certainly didn't miss having my face in the phone all day.

Also, it makes my stomach turn, and my mind squirm, knowing that many of the people – and companies – that make money from our personal stories, good energy, authentic ideas, and pictures, are all part of an opposition to peace and sustainability.

The Wickeds are literally counting on us to be so buried by our social media "responsibility" that we can't even see what's really happening in our own lives.

I DID miss seeing your faces though, and your daily updates. It is the sense of being connected and informed that we lose when we unplug.

That's true.

It doesn't have to be that way though. We can work together to use a new social justice platform, where we own the content and perform the stories of our lives for a stake in the social/economic outcome. Where money circulates back into progressive actions that make good sense for all.

It continues to be evident to me, that we must begin to crealitate peace Now, before it's too late. It is essential that we find the Time and Space alone, daily, to ask ourselves, are we really happy like this? Can we make real changes Now, before we're stripped further of our Freedoms to create the lives we want to live.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, how can I help? We are in quite a predicament folks. Social media and how we use it is a huge part of our evolving story. Let's get serious about setting intentions and creating new systems.

Please take the time to explore Crealitation (a work in progress) at, subscribe for our daily inspirational letter and content gift. I'll begin publishing again starting Feb 14th. Let's join forces Now and explore what it means to co-host our own private platform together.

More soon... and until then, love Now



Happy Holidays, traveling companions!  Cureado here again with the last installment of a four-part blog on my Crealitation success story.  Before I start this final portion of the tale, I ask that wherever you are Now, wherever you have been, and wherever you are headed, you take the time to find some peace among the endless details of these holidays.  Often, I find the most challenging barriers to my finding peace are of my own design.  I become so consumed by my own story that I forget to stop and let my cares and worries fall away.  Following my breath in and following my breath out, with no fretting about anything, connects me to what this season is all about – peace, and the light it brings into the world.  Take a moment now to find your own peace.  It really is that simple.  Later I’ll tell you how you can remember to practice this daily and use it to live the life you love.  But for now, back to the story.

Electors Unite For America

To: You, who is ready to stand in solidarity with our brave Electors

From: Me, who is ready to do the same and is calling for Artist Activation Now

Dear You,

Here's what our press release says:

"Please watch and share this video and call to action asap! Do you remember? Artists have the power to start a wave and light up the country in vigil by Monday morning at 9:00am."


Starting this Sunday, December 18 at Noon, performance artist and peace activist known as "Maze" (author of past work and character, Lizzie West and 19 Miles To Baghdad) releases video and authentic call for fellow artists to meet at their courthouses, light up the country in a wave of song, and go on record as standing with the Electors who vote their conscience on Monday December 19.

Please share the video and play track in news bumps over the next 48 hours. In this world, a lot can happen in two days. Artists swarm court houses like the vets swarmed standing rock. Block Trump and protect our democracy NOW. Peace in the Valley, Peace in the Now!

P.S. Enjoy this FREE download of Redemption Song by our collective.

Take Action Now, Sign The Petition!

More soon!

Cassidy A. Maze



Past work:


The Dream Unfolding

The Dream Unfolding

Hello, traveling companions!  Cureado returning once again to tell more of my Crealitation success story.  This week I’m be covering the third segment of my four part series: completing five of my songs at Old Soul Studios.  The final recordings marked another milestone in my nearly four year practice of Cassidy A. Maze’s program for creating your own reality, known as Crealitation.  The results have been undeniable.