Remembering My Life in Real Time

Hi Happy Campers,

I have finished my second semester of college. It feels like yesterday that I was here at Camp Now with G. E. Fox, but looking back I have had so many new experiences, that have shaped who I am. I realize how much I have changed when I see old photos or smell a soap I used last semester. This strange perception of time reminds me of a discussion I recently had with Paula, a girl who I got to know this year. Paula said that time is a social construct, and only our perception of it is what is real. Therefore people who do more things and are conscious of each moment live longer. She said getting into a rhythm, and living without perception of time is a waste of the life we have. I thought how lucky are we that we don’t have to lead lives that leave us too tired to do anything else other than get up the next morning and go back to work, repeating the same thing day in and day out. Paula put a positive spin on leaving New York, saying a change in lifestyle will give us contrast to fully appreciate our time in the city. This relates to Crealitation’s philosophy of time, in which every moment is happening simultaneously. The inventor of Crealitation, Maze, taught me an exercise in which one remembers the future, thereby training the brain to think of the possible as reality. As I look back on this moment from ten years in the future, I see a very different person, typing at a computer on a hot summer day. There is a slight breeze that runs through some hanging chimes. She is surrounded by green trees and grass, and the air smells like summer. 

naho pic 1.jpg

One of the biggest influences on my life these past five months was a linguistics class I took. In the class we discussed the social and psychological effects of language. Some examples that especially stuck with me are how Japanese mothers teach their children the collective mentality common in Japan through teaching language, and how mock Spanish in the US promotes an ideology of Spanish being lesser than English. In addition we discussed how language works as cultural capital in that to access distinction and credibility one has to be able to use the standard promoted by academia and other institutions that benefit from distinguishing what is correct. 

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This semester I also got to go see a good friend from high school in Portland, Oregon, where she lent me Patty Smith’s autobiography. The writing style was simple and straightforward, and communicated her experiences and emotions well. The story itself was also inspiring, and made me realize what an amazing place I live in. There was one night back in New York I went to see my friend’s band in Brooklyn, and I thought to myself that what I was doing was not so different from what Patty did. Although my friends are not well known, to me they are as amazing as the artists that hung out at Max’s Kansas City.

Writing these blog posts has helped me crealitate my reality in that through reflection I have solidified the memory and therefore reality of what happened in this life. My goals here at Camp Now for before I leave on June 14th are to finish updating the Camp Now website, and to set everything up for Ayla to pick up, for another summer of development towards social impact.