The Necessity of Surrender in the Summer of Revelation

Dear You and your ancient soul that is steeped in divine love, with all the powers of your lightworking ancestors running through your blood and the desire to have peace running like a river through your heart:

From me, Gabby, as I surrender to let my ancient soul do more talking than my monkey brain:

Learning to create reality, to work with the rhythms of the universe, to unlock personal power and to use happy spells for the good of humanity is fun. It’s fun to see how beautiful being human can be and to see how much can be changed by shifting thoughts. Crealitating is fun and filled with ease.

Except when it’s not.

I went to dinner with Maze and she shared a quote she had recently read with me.

“If you don’t want an elephant in your living room, don’t invite an elephant trainer over for dinner.”

This fits in very well with how my summer has gone so far, and indeed how the Summer of Revelation has gone for a number of others in the Crealitation community. It has been a wild ride and now, only half way through the summer, Maze and I are saying “If you don’t want to have the truth revealed, don’t call in the Summer of Revelation.”

Moving through transitions is uncomfortable. Lots of gentleness and tenderness is required. As truth is revealed, one of the most common phrases in the Egg Room (our private social media platform for our community of seekers committed to creating reality) has been “I surrender.”

Me finding my peace, my bliss and my edge in the Summer of Revelation.

Me finding my peace, my bliss and my edge in the Summer of Revelation.

I have been working with Maze’s method, myth, music and magic and following the journey of G.E. Fox for a year now. It has allowed me to question limits I have imposed on myself. In working with Creality, I now have spiritual tools to deal with anxiety, fear and doubt. It has been great fun to engage with a community of people who also have a desire to use their personal evolution for the good of the whole world.

I have also had a year riddled with anxiety, fear and doubt. I have cast many a “happy” spell by shouting it to God and demanding that it be fulfilled in a timely manner. It sometimes sounds like, “Take away all my fears by 12:00 on Tuesday. Thanks God. Talk later.” (Those requests haven’t ever worked out for me). Many days have been spent in frustration that humans are not yet the flying wons that G.E. Fox is helping us remember to become. The pace of my own evolution is sometimes painfully slow and dragged out. Some days, I am so focused on creating my ideal day that I forget to notice the blessings of the Now.

The hardest lesson of my first year of Crealitating has been the Art of Letting Go.

The Science of Allowing.

The Magic of Release.

The Ecstasy of Surrender.

In order to start co-creating with the Divine source that gives us life, assignment 1 is to start your station. You set up a physical altar space to sit, pray, stretch, breathe and write. Assignment 2 is starting your Research Journal and choosing your guides. Assignment 3 is to write out your ideal day.

The unwritten step in between each of the assignments, in fact in between every moment and every breath in life, is to surrender and release. It is absolutely, hands down, the hardest part. It is comparatively easy to light a candle, lay out a mat, write down some hopes and fears and work on self-improvement assignments. I have found all the time I devote to my practice to be entirely null unless I surrender and allow Divine light in. It is, after all, co-creating. As in, I am not doing this on my own. I am traveling hand in hand with God. Without release, there is only human thought.

Ultimately, wishes, dreams and happy spells are human creations with sprinkles of ego, selfishness and fear tucked in. In the surrender, the divine is allowed to play with the wishes humans put out. The ego is fine tuned. The selfishness is kissed by angels. The fairies sprinkle some of their dust on the fear. The happy spell is allowed to be infused with light and love and then finally, when the human mind and body are open channels, the gift manifests into reality.

Two precious gifts from nature to remind me that the University is on my side

Two precious gifts from nature to remind me that the University is on my side

There is so much I am still uncertain about one year after beginning my Crealitation journey. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that I cannot think myself to certainty. I must surrender, allow and recognize the beauty of the here and now. Once I surrender, an idea sometimes comes as a feeling or a gentle whisper. My soul lights up and I let the thought and feeling marinate. That is where Crealitation begins.

There is first surrender. Then there is a light bulb. Then there is a vibrational match that feels like joy. Then the plans can be made from a happy place.

I surrender. That is the most important assignment.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

How can I help?

May you walk your path with peace in your heart,


My present station. My alter is always a work in progress 

My present station. My alter is always a work in progress