Anxiety Part One: The Creature in the Cage

To: All students of life, especially those needing help with their anxiety

From: Me, Gabby, as I work to set my soul free

Dear You,

"How would you gain back the trust of a creature you locked in a cage and mistreated for years?" asks Cassidy A. Maze, my Creality coach (i.e. my mystical life coach.)

Virtually everyone I know has been affected by anxiety at some point. The fact that most of my social circle is anxiety-ridden can probably be attributed to me being a college student. A university campus is a breeding ground for feeling stressed, overworked and unappreciated.

A card I pulled while sitting in my station on a day when I felt particularly anxious

A card I pulled while sitting in my station on a day when I felt particularly anxious

In Crealitation, we call this planet Campus Earth. We are working to make this a happier, more peaceful campus by viewing ourselves as students of life, a.k.a sols. 

In order to make Campus Earth more peaceful, we say that we work with anxiety rather than struggle with it. Language is very important in Crealitation (create + reality) because thoughts create reality, and language is the actualization of thought… remember?

Maze, the inventor of Crealitation, created assignments to help us work with our anxiety. In the Crealitation Game, there are dozens of assignments that allow us to be honest about our human condition and feel better in a practical way. As sols, assignments help us win our own Game.

I'll share one assignment that Maze gave me for working with anxiety called "Creature in the Cage." I have been testing it out and journaling about it this past week.

Here is my interpretation of the assignment:

Imagine there is a creature. Let’s call it a dog.

There is a dog that you are in charge of taking care of. Other people might help from time to time, but it is primarily your responsibility to care for this dog.

You’ve kept this dog in a cage for years. You yell at it, you whisper horrendous things to it, and you tell it how worthless it is. Whenever it begs to come out of the cage, you shut the door even tighter.

You often don’t feed the dog the food it needs to be healthy. Walking the dog is very low on your priority list. You sometimes even physically hurt the dog.


This description of abuse could go on, but I think that's enough terribly sad stuff for today.

If you go back through the scenario and replace the dog with your soul, your inner child, your inner fairy, your higher self, your angel, your divine light…. does it sound familiar?

We are each in charge of caring for our own body and soul. Other people may help from time to time, but the greatest responsibility lies in your hands. 

How many of the above listed abuses have you subjected your body, mind or spirit to?

I know I have hurt myself in every single one of the above ways... plus one hundred or so more. 

Giving myself some love after drawing on my third eye with a crayon - part of a self-love assignment from Crealitation Course One: the Magic of Difficulty.

Giving myself some love after drawing on my third eye with a crayon - part of a self-love assignment from Crealitation Course One: the Magic of Difficulty.

If my soul is the creature in the cage, how do I gain back the trust of this creature after so many years of abuse?

After Maze gave me this assignment, I wrote down ways I could gain back the trust of the creature in the cage. I will call the creature “her” from here on out because I use the pronouns she/her/hers and this creature is a reflection of me.

The first actions I wrote were to acknowledge and apologize for the abuse.

Then the list went on… I committed to listen to her, do my best to attend to her needs, feed her well and give her exercise, do yoga with her, do fun activities with her, work to help her make meaningful friends, talk compassionately to her, never judge her, apologize when I do something wrong to her or say something mean, put her first and love her, love her, love her.

I have been working with the "Creature in the Cage" assignment for about a week now. The first fun activity I did to start to gain back her trust was take her on a trip to the tropical greenhouse at UConn. I was craving warm weather and lush plants, but the weather was cold and rainy. I walked myself over to the greenhouse in the life sciences building and allowed myself time to wander around, breathe and take in the beauty. Doing fun things with her makes her feel loved and appreciated.

Some beauty from the greenhouse I visited to cure my cold day blues

Some beauty from the greenhouse I visited to cure my cold day blues

I also am allowing her to rest as I write this blog. She started a new medicine that is making her very tired. She has to make it through this period of tiredness in order to feel better. Instead of pushing her to the brink of exhaustion and frustration, I’m giving her some time to lay in bed and relax. She deserves it. She has worked hard for a long time.

I’m undoing the locks keeping my shining light in the cage one at a time. It is a slow process to gain back agency over my own body and mind, to feel free, to "re*member" the truth and to feel confident following the path I came here to walk. 

I am confident that with some extra care, attention and lots of love and laughter, my true bright soul will be able to shine to its fullest potential.

Thank you to Maze for this enlightening assignment. 

Thank you to myself for making space for love and care.

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See you in the Dream,

Gabby Alice