The Remembering Game

To: You

From: Me

Dear You...

In my last blog, I talked about my process in discovering the difference between listening to and making decisions based on bodily feelings and on intellectual reasoning. Perhaps it has left some wondering a bit about just how one is supposed to do that. It can feel like a constant struggle at first... 

One good way to drop from head space to heart space is to take a moment to focus individually on all of the senses. We need to use all of our senses to arrive in the full moment. The combination of them will tell us much more about our Truth than what just the voices in our head can. The practice of feeling the fullness of the moment through all the senses will help us to connect deeper to our whole selves and help us to make decisions more in alignment with the whole Truth. As we pay attention to our bodily sensations and learn what they are indicating for us, we start to Remember our Truth in every moment. 

Maze has a lot to say about this practice because as we Remember and make decisions in alignment with living our lives in peace and Truth, we help all of humanity do the same. Because she believes life should be fun, and there is power in play and story, she invented a game to help us do this, just as she invented the Crealitation game. 

The Remembering Game

This game can be played in relation to any moment. Whether it is a past moment, the present, or a future moment, connecting to all the senses will help it to come alive and reveal a deeper Truth. The play aspect comes in when you allow the practice to create a story, write it down in your journal, and allow it to guide you toward knowing your preferences more. The game goes like this: connect fully to the current moment, then a past moment, then a future moment. 

I invite you to play this with me now, first relating to this very moment. 

Settle into your seat, or feel free practice this while walking later on. Soften your focus and take a deep, cleansing breath. Allow it to be easy. Effortlessly, take notice of where you are and what's around you. Now, go through each sense one at a time. I encourage you to refrain from judgment and labeling your experience with words… you'll write what you can remember down later. 

What do you feel? Begin with your feet and allow your awareness to fully occupy each part of your body as you work your way up to your head. See if you can differentiate between inner sensation and outer sensation. Take note of any discomfort or tension. 

What do you hear? Is it pleasurable? Are there too many sounds for your preference? Too little? 

What do you taste? What do you smell? Is it good, bad or neutral? Does it bring up a memory? 

What do you see? Focus on color and contrast. Take note of which colors stick out to you the most.  

I give gratitude to the miracle of the senses… what a marvel that the combination of these inexplicable phenomena effects our awareness of where we are and what we desire. 

Love, Now, Always,
~MamaDala (Jess Kitch)