Breathing in the Holy Now (and it feels so good)

To You: Your amazingly radiant self

From Me: My amazingly radiant self


Dear You,

The opposite of addiction is connection. 

New and better-feeling things will enter if there is space.

Hiking through the rainforest in Costa Rica, January 2017

Hiking through the rainforest in Costa Rica, January 2017

Those are the two main lessons I have learned since I last wrote to You on the Camp Now blog.

I traveled to Costa Rica for two weeks in January on a service trip with my school. For the first time in many months I felt no anxiety.

When I returned to school, the anxiety slowly returned, though not as severe. I asked myself what was different on the Costa Rica trip than my normal life. My hope was that I could find a cure for my anxiety in the answer to that question. I thought if I could integrate some aspects of my routine in Costa Rica into my daily life, I could feel a lot better.

In Costa Rica, I felt connected. I couldn’t use my phone, so I talked to the people around me. There were no screens on the windows and therefore we were never truly “inside,” so I was connected to nature. I hiked through the rainforest and it was freaking awesome!! I worked with my hands and for the first time in all my life, I really felt the rain on my skin when it was falling. All I was concerned with was the task at hand, whether that was mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow or painting a globe for a mural next to the school bathrooms. The environment we were in provided the ability to go deeper in conversation. Every time I sat down with someone, we talked about the universe, religion, social justice, our childhood or what true happiness is.

Sure, I can’t hike through the rainforest in Connecticut. I don’t paint murals every day. But I can be more present for every moment. I can seek to be amazed by the landscapes around me.

Now, I am trying to find connection like that here in the United States. Here, I am typically on my phone a lot, I don’t talk to the people sitting next to me in class, my mind is usually ten steps ahead, thinking of what homework is due next week, I don’t get outside often…

I know all those things are within my power to change. I’ve started bringing myself more into the present moment.

I put my phone down while eating so I can taste my food. I say hello to the person next to me in class. I write down when I will do my assignments so I don’t have to think about them until it is time to work on them. When I am walking to class, I look up at the sky and I take note of how the air feels as I breathe it in.

I have much less anxiety than I did last semester after making those changes. I keep thinking of more ways to be fully present. I know that the more present I am, the better I feel. It is a work in progress. I am excited by the progress so far.

I recently read in the book Awakening the Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das of a Dzogchen teaching that says, “Leave everything as it is and rest your weary mind.” When I find my mind wandering, I’ve been taking a DBG (deep breath of gratitude) and reminding myself of this teaching. I learned the DBG from G.E. Fox ( and it helps me so much to re*member.

As I release into the present moment, the Holy Now, I find there is more space. More space between thoughts, more space between an occurrence and my reaction, more space for people to enter my life.

When I sit in the beginning of class looking around, patiently waiting for class to start rather than having my face in my phone and my headphones in, I leave space to make a friend. When I walk to class and pay attention to the path I am walking and the beauty of my college campus, I leave space to find joy in simple things I would otherwise not notice, like the great blue heron wading in the lake or how bright the moon is that night. When I release a problem that is troubling me and simply breathe in the Now, I leave space for the universe to come up with a creative solution my little human mind cannot comprehend.

Part of my walk to class. Isn't it so beautiful?

Part of my walk to class. Isn't it so beautiful?

The change this new mentality has created in my life has been a breath of fresh air. The universe has been shifting things around for me and leaving me with better feeling thoughts, situations and people. I release into gratitude, into simple joys, even into pain. I want to feel the painful moments too. I want to be fully present for all the laughs and all the tears this lifetime is bringing me.

Will you find new ways to be present in the Holy Now with me?

Let me know what works for you. Is it chewing your food an extra couple times to fully enjoy the flavor? Is it taking a deep breath before you speak?

I’ve had so many divinely inspired ideas flowing to me since I have created more space for them to flow. I’m so excited to share more here and in the Egg Room.

Being present for all the fun moments of my life, like drinking tea in this cute house in Great Barrington, MA

Being present for all the fun moments of my life, like drinking tea in this cute house in Great Barrington, MA

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With much gratitude for the Journey,

Love Gabby