Can You Feel the Sun Yet?

To: You, the honest workers who are really just itching to dance barefoot in the warm dirt and feel the sun on their beautiful skin

From: Me, who wants nothing more than to share my Sacred song, dance and play with you and your children this summer

Dear You,

If you have come so far as to read this blog post, then I must address this directly to YOU right now… THANK YOU for showing up to follow your titillating little curiosities and to nourish the naturally artistic part of your soul just dying to come out. You must be a beautiful soul to have entered this Sanctuary of ours at Camp Now… WELCOME.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Me, Jess Kitch, as I am, on the day I wrote my first blog post at the Art Farm March 1st, 2017

Me, Jess Kitch, as I am, on the day I wrote my first blog post at the Art Farm March 1st, 2017

The name I have been given is Jess Kitch… yet there are many fragments of this Self that like to go by other names. I love to explore all the characters inside of me, and let them be expressed freely in my authentic dance and song.  

One character I would like you all to meet is MamaDala. She is the superhero inside of me, who finds pure Ecstatic Joy in dance, especially with Hula Hoops. She tells a Revolutionary Story through her movements. She is One with Nature, and through that connection, she finds infinite Power inside of her. She sings her Heart Song loudly and encourages anyone and everyone to join her. She feels deeply for the children.

She exists to serve herself as Queen so she can serve the children.
Oh, does she delight in beautiful Life on Mother Earth. She dances in both Light and Darkness, unafraid of the unknown.

An early incarnation of MamaDala, the Dancing Manifesting Mistress of Hula Hoops 

An early incarnation of MamaDala, the Dancing Manifesting Mistress of Hula Hoops 


She’ll be writing to you periodically to tell you she Loves you, to showcase her work, and let you know when and where you can find her and dance with her.


But for NOW, this is Jess Kitch… Raw and true - reporting to YOU from exactly where  I am. 

Where I am right now: surrounded by blissful possibilities, letting go of the past that is no longer relevant to my Happy Story

Recently, I have discovered a strong kinship in the woman who is at the core of this whole enterprise, Cassidy Maze. You may also know her as Lizzie West, and perhaps a few other names from other incarnations of this One Whole Project of Peace.

Our souls recognized each other immediately and we both said Yes to all that we can do for each other in Love.  With excitement, groundedness and sincere prayer, she has agreed to take me and my 1-and-a-half-year old daughter on to live and work on the beautiful Real-Time landscape at Camp Now.  I move all my stuff on April 1st! 

This is the start of something BIG. 

There is much to do and an even Happier story we can write together…

Don’t worry, you’re all in the Story! 

If you are ready to create with us, we plan on letting you inside our world more and more. Look for weekly videos of the life here and how you can be involved on Creality TV!


Subscribe to Creality TV on Youtube

Subscribe to Creality TV on Youtube

In the last 2 weeks, as I’ve been getting to know this land and our new Family, my world has been completely shifted. I am a new Jess Kitch. Again and again, I evolve and become transformed… my cells die off. New ones are produced. This is the way that it is supposed to be.

Within each of these cells is a remainder of the Great Creator who set this life all in motion… He is my Father, and I am his Child, so I pray in gratitude and delight in my breath. The Earth is my Mother and I am a beautiful extension of her, so I Love, Appreciate, and Protect her.

As I shed and let go I grow closer to the divine in me though finding Joy in my Gifts and sharing them.

I learn to do this in the School of Life so I can cultivate my talents and learn to share them effectively to create Real Change.  That is… Real Change in the social, political, environmental, and greater world around us, stemming from Real Change in myself… Exploring my creativity and giving it Value has saved my life from countless instances where I almost pressed the Self-Destruct button.

I have just entered the never-ending course of Motherhood. As I navigate this epic journey of mothering the sweetest child I have ever met, I learn to love Myself and everything deeper. Her name is Aurora, and she has divinely brought me here to a new life in the Berkshire Mountains 2 years ago.

I am 23 now, and I find myself immersed in the dream scene I’ve been imagining in my mind for myself to have hope in times of darkness.  I realize now that I can truly create anything that I desire, as long as it is in alignment with the vibration of Love and Peace for the Whole of Creation.  

This is the world of Crealitation, where we learn to create the reality we wish to see more righteously and accurately. Whether or not you know it, you are Crealitating right now with us. Let’s get to know each other, be friends and enjoy Crealitating together… subscribe to “the Dear You… Daily” to discover this world and receive exclusive content.

This Summer… in the Story of 2017, the Year we Realized our Purpose….

I am envisioning you and me, with golden Sun in our hearts, smiling with gladness in our whole bodies, moving to the music of the Earth. I hear wind chimes in the warm breeze, and smell a floral fragrance in the air, as I take a Holy moment to hold your hand, and breathe gratefully for your presence in my life.  

I see us connecting and discovering something we can fulfill for each other over a locally sourced, organic latte made at the Camp Now Café. I see us creating dances, songs, rituals, Art and Food. I see us together in a circle around a fire, lighting our Candles to illuminate the darkness and sing with our Souls.

I see the good things coming. I have hope for a better world. Let us do this together, not only for ourselves and our own well-being, but for all future generations to come. And for this girl, Aurora, my heart and soul embodied.  

Your friend in the Evolution, Now and always. 

18 month old Aurora with one of her Fairy God Mothers 

18 month old Aurora with one of her Fairy God Mothers