Method, Myth, Music and Magic

To: My friends near and far in search of authenticity

From: Me as I start to rock in my most authentic life

Dear You,

I think the biggest reason I have stuck around Camp Now is because I found a family through the Crealitation movement. I found a sanctuary, a safe space and a support system that loves me unconditionally by getting involved with the movement.

Me, taking a DBG (deep breath of gratitude) in my Crealitation Station.

Me, taking a DBG (deep breath of gratitude) in my Crealitation Station.

Crealitation is a transmedia work. There are lessons to be learned in Crealitation: The Musical. The songs that go along with the work are beautiful. The Daily email newsletter makes me smile and reminds me that I’m not alone. Reading the writing of Cassidy A. Maze, the Inventor of Crealitation, makes me feel like I am reading the work of a modern day guru. I know this is true because she doesn't call herself that. In fact, she consistently says that we're all gurus, students and teachers in the University and she says "I'm as lost as anyone else most of time."

Crealitation is described as being a combination of Method, Myth, Music and Magic. It is for sure all of those things, but really for me, it is home. When I visit the Camp Now Art Farm, I feel a renewed sense of purpose and peace. When I am feeling inspired, I love sharing on our private social media blogging space, the Egg Room. When I need some help or love, I know I can receive the support I need by logging into the Egg Room. I listen to the songs and play them on my guitar to feel happy and free.

The myth of Crealitation talks about how we are all sols (students of life) on Campus Earth. As sols, we move through courses based on real life. Course One is called the Magic of Difficulty. For me, moving through Course One has meant facing my demons, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and questioning the limitations I have placed on myself. The myth is based on remembering what happened right now by looking back from the future. A helpful question Maze taught me to put this remembering in perspective is, “If 93 year-old Gabby were reading the biography of her life and she was at the part where she just turned 21, would she be excited to turn the next page?”

My current Crealitation Station

My current Crealitation Station

The basic method of Crealitation is to set up an altar space, called a station, where there are images and objects that represent what you want to create in your life, among other intentional objects. It includes a candle that, when lit, activates this sacred space. My Crealitation station includes a salt lamp, crystals, candles, angel cards that I use for guidance, and varying images and words that represent things I want in my life. As I sit in my station I play guitar or write in my journal or stretch or sometimes simply breathe. It is a safe space for me to think clearly and remember what my path looks like. I always feel better after spending time in my station. Admittedly, when I first began working with the method, I spent time in my station only a couple times a week. As I started to see how good it felt to have a space set aside for dreaming and breathing, I began using it more and more. I now sit in my station about three times a day to come back to focusing on what matters most to me.

Maze giving my mother and I a concert in the cabin on the Camp Now Art Farm.

Maze giving my mother and I a concert in the cabin on the Camp Now Art Farm.

What is the magic of Crealitation? For me, it’s the way it makes me feel and the changes I see in my life because of how much more free I am. I feel more secure because I take time for myself, I have a loving support system in the Camp Now family and my fears are slowly being dissolved through reading the Daily newsletter and my coaching sessions with Maze.

I found a family, a home, a sanctuary and a magical path to feeling more free through Crealitation. We view all of life as a path and say that “the process is the point.” We share the process of feeling better and becoming more free in the Egg Room.

This summer, anyone who wants to will have the chance to come and feel renewed at the Creality Musical Markets.


It means the world to us when new sols join us in the Egg Room. You can request an invite for the Egg Room and subscribe to the Dear You...Daily free email at

Gratefully Yours,