Crealitation: My Real Life Journey & How to Play the Game

To: You, who is ready to be the change you wish to see in the world

From: Me, who is, also, ready to be the change I wish to see in the world, and who's ready to share the tools that will help us do it

Dear You,

The winds of change are blowing... can you feel it? There is a revolution brewing... or, to be more accurate, a great Evolution... 

This is bigger than mankind has ever seen before. It has to be.

My soul has always felt this call to be the change. For most of my life, I've ignored it. I had not enough time, not enough money, not enough will, not enough [insert lack belief here] to "be the change." I was a full-time college student with a part-time job and a handful of neuroses, barely scraping by as it was. Everyone was counting on me to be successful, and I was not one to let my people down. 

To survive, I blended in. I was brilliant in my classes, but not too brilliant. I felt content to be accepted in whatever social scene I happened to find myself in. I occupied my time by obsessing over boyfriends and my self-image. 

I was stuck in a loop of consuming and being consumed... but, by this, I could never truly be fulfilled. 

I reached my breaking point when I found myself bleeding on the pavement at the hand of the latest lover who had just shot himself up with my last dose. 

I had no home. No money. No dignity. 

This was the pivotal moment when I knew I had no other choice but to be the change... because whatever I was doing wasn't working and could only ever lead to one place. Humbled, I fully accepted my role as forever student in the University of Life. 

This University sure does work in mysterious ways... and as such, my lowest bottom became my greatest blessing. I picked myself up off the concrete and started crawling along the path of Truth. I stumbled blindly, following only the faintest light in the distance. 

Pure beeswax candles hand-made locally in the Berkshires and more available in the  Camp Now Shop .

Pure beeswax candles hand-made locally in the Berkshires and more available in the Camp Now Shop.

Does this hit home? 

I urge you, Dear Reader, to simply notice where you are Right Now. Take a deep breath and with honesty and no judgment, take stock of what is currently happening in your Story.

Perhaps, as countless many are, you find yourself in the midst of a howling storm. Maybe you feel like you just can't keep it together or like you'll never get it all figured out... (or perhaps not and that is equally important and relevant, sit tight.)

Tell me, have you considered the possibility that all is happening in the interest of your highest benefit so you can fully embody your role in the Evolution?

With the winds of change come the falling away of all that does not serve your happiness and truest fulfillment. Let go a little more, Dear Reader... be brave. The Truth is longing to be expressed and celebrated.

In the Crealitation community, we want to hear your Truth and celebrate your active participation in the Evolutionary Story. 

As I continue to let go of habits, jobs, relationships, stuff, etc. that are no longer relevant to the story I wish to create, I uncover more Light within me. Three years since that pivotal moment, I have stumbled Here to a point where I can see and experience first-hand a world where humans come together, working harmoniously with Nature, to create a Safe and Happy Story on Earth. The darkness hasn't gone away, but the stumbling has transformed into a dance of trust.

MamaDala dancing in her Light - playing around with a prototype of a hand-made sustainably sourced bamboo reed hula hoop in Maze's station. 

Do you Re*Member? 

In the Crealitation game, the Evolution of Humanity has already happened. We who hear the call are the ones who are remembering it. The path leads us to live our lives truthfully and joyfully, reviving the world that is filled with Light.

Are you ready to accept your role as a Student of Life (sol) and help us create the beautiful future? 
Join the Evolution. Begin Course One: the Magic of Difficulty. 

As you browse through the Crealitation media platforms and read your subscription of the "Dear You... Daily," you'll start to get a sense of who your fellow classmates are and how the game will help you be the change you wish to see.  

When you say YES to the practice, you'll receive assignments and support to help you create the life you want to live now. In the "Dear You… Daily" email newsletter you will find descriptions of Assignments 1-3 and the Basic Terms of our Sacred online community called the Egg Room. Below is your first assignment... subscribe to the Daily to find assignments two and three

Assignment 1: Start Your Station

Your Station is a physical space of reflection exclusively for the items, pictures, words, etc. that represent something meaningful to you related to your dream reality. This space is signified and activated by a lit candle. It is an altar, a game board, a transformational space, a prayer, and so much more. Make sure it is in a place where you can be alone for at least 5 minutes each day. 

"When you are alone in your Station, light a candle and give thanks for the Light within and without. Take a deep breath of gratitude (DBG) and ask for help crealitating your own dream life. Who are you asking? That is a question we’ll answer by the end of Course One, but the short answer is, no one really knows. It is the unnamable X, the Source of all Energy, sometimes called God." -page 9 of the Course One game book

All sols committed to the practice of Crealitation are encouraged to join our Sacred online community in the Egg Room.   

Find the support you need to incubate good ideas - request an invite to our compassionate and empowering community   HERE  .

Find the support you need to incubate good ideas - request an invite to our compassionate and empowering community HERE.

Share your Station with like-minded sols. Receive coaching and support from seasoned Crealitators. As you do your homework and interact on the platform, you win ribbons that you can use to receive professional coaching, opportunities, discounts and gifts to help you create the reality of your dreams. 

These ribbons will help us to grow the Ball of Peace and crealitate Peace on Earth right now! Find out more about the Ball of Peace and how it ties into the Happy Story by interacting more with the game.

MamaDala holding the Ball of Peace outside of the Tiny Creality Shop at the Camp Now Art Farm 

MamaDala holding the Ball of Peace outside of the Tiny Creality Shop at the Camp Now Art Farm 

Stay tuned for announcements about our weekly Creality Market, where you can grow the Ball of Peace, meet your Sol mates, pick up your locally sourced goods, hear our Music, and participate in the Happy Story. 

Your friend in the Evolution,
Jess Kitch (MamaDala)