A Month Off Social Media

To: You, who is feeling profoundly overwhelmed by the twisted plot of a sci-fi thriller that is coming to life in this world as we speak

From: Me, who feels the same way, and who is committed to letting you know, that, as Legend has it, there is really only one way out of this hell that the Wickeds are currently manufacturing on purpose (or so says the Crealitation Conspiracy Theory)

Dear You,

Why am I slowly leaving Facebook? Because my little guru asked me to.

Why? Because she sees my phone – and the world that lives inside it – as a Wicked distraction from everything that matters. Mainly her! And all the beauty that surrounds her at our little Art Farm homestead and Nature center in upstate NY. She says: Less phone. More fun, more books.

Lots more about all that as I continue to build an argument– and support system – for my own Facebook exodus, how about yours?

I certainly didn't miss having my face in the phone all day.

Also, it makes my stomach turn, and my mind squirm, knowing that many of the people – and companies – that make money from our personal stories, good energy, authentic ideas, and pictures, are all part of an opposition to peace and sustainability.

The Wickeds are literally counting on us to be so buried by our social media "responsibility" that we can't even see what's really happening in our own lives.

I DID miss seeing your faces though, and your daily updates. It is the sense of being connected and informed that we lose when we unplug.

That's true.

It doesn't have to be that way though. We can work together to use a new social justice platform, where we own the content and perform the stories of our lives for a stake in the social/economic outcome. Where money circulates back into progressive actions that make good sense for all.

It continues to be evident to me, that we must begin to crealitate peace Now, before it's too late. It is essential that we find the Time and Space alone, daily, to ask ourselves, are we really happy like this? Can we make real changes Now, before we're stripped further of our Freedoms to create the lives we want to live.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, how can I help? We are in quite a predicament folks. Social media and how we use it is a huge part of our evolving story. Let's get serious about setting intentions and creating new systems.

Please take the time to explore Crealitation (a work in progress) at crealitation.com, subscribe for our daily inspirational letter and content gift. I'll begin publishing again starting Feb 14th. Let's join forces Now and explore what it means to co-host our own private platform together.

More soon... and until then, love Now