Fairy Godmother

I’m Fiona Lally.  I started to work with Crealitation last winter.  And then through the spring and summer, and now here we are in the fall.  I’m a mentor to Maze;  she calls me a fairy godmother.  This has something to do with my granny glasses.

My "granny glasses"

My "granny glasses"

A mentor shares something she knows.  Or helps to frame something you know.  

Some things about Crealitation were crystal clear to me from the first moment.  That clarity has been very exciting.  That excitement made me want to share.

We started working with the very concrete, the concepts behind organizing the effort.  And we also bring the quiet to it, because things will emerge when given a space.  This is the way to let something new happen, to let a gift come out.

I have loved seeing the letters and the blogs and the music evolve over the spring and summer.  The different kinds of production around Crealitation have been incredibly substantive and all going on at the same time;  the varied media, the approaches through social media, and all the output from many talented people.  

This level of ongoing build takes such belief and work and goodwill to sustain.  Every ounce of story has to ring rigorously true, with a complete scaffolding behind it that can hold everybody safely, complete with all their dreams.  It takes crealitation to build that.

I like the way that crealitation.com shows this evolution very much.  It doesn’t try just to explain; it lets you look at the idea and determine how it feels and whether you’d like to have it along with you some more.

The first Crealitation Toolbox

The first Crealitation Toolbox

The toolbox is my favorite thing.  It’s like a beautiful artifact;  when opened it reveals art, zest and relics.  

What has been my role in the evolution?  An appreciator, first, and someone glad to lend a view through some granny glasses.