The Process is the Point

The Process is the Point

Hey, traveling companions! Cure here, reporting from my South Dakota home.  As you may remember, last time I wrote I was in the middle of a remarkable artist retreat at The Art Farm, hosted by Maze, JRB and LDMK.  I left feeling energized, relaxed, wiser and part of a wonderful family.  Who could ask for more, right?

But more I received.  The trip included multiple Crealitation victories for me.  Over the past year my reality shifted from an 8-to-5 office job to developing my personal gifts, including writing and recording my own songs, a dream of mine for decades.  While in New York, I performed a song at the Premier of Act One of Crealitation, the Musical.  A week or so later I recorded the basic tracks to 7 of my songs at Old Soul Studios. Both events featuring spectacular musicians including Maze herself.

Cure at his South Dakota home.

Cure at his South Dakota home.

So what now? I am back to work on the next steps for my various projects, which include finalizing details for completing the recording of the aforementioned songs; setting the time table for recording 7 more tracks; completing the book that accompanies the musical story; developing videos; putting together the marketing plan; and of course raising the funds to cover the expenses to make this new chapter of my life sustainable.  Beyond that there is the DBG (Deep Breath of Gratitude) Key Maze and I are developing together. 

Early prototype DBG Key in Cure’s Crealitation Station

Early prototype DBG Key in Cure’s Crealitation Station

 As you all know, there are seemingly endless details that go into creating our realities. Happily, I am not playing alone. Maze recently held a lengthy session with me where she shared her experience and vision and applied them to where I am at in my process. There is so much to do and so much to learn, and that is where Crealitation continues to come to the rescue.

As we learn over and over again in Crealitation, the process is the point.  We think it, write it and do it.  That is where I am currently finding myself.  Remembering that at one level or another, we are always working the process.

If you have read my earlier blogs, you know I love talking about the value of the Crealitation Stations we use in the Egg Room.  If you have not checked out the Crealitation Egg Room yet and are interested, write us at It is the next step to creating the life you love.  As Maze says, “The Egg Room is a sacred space online for those who are ready to crealitate peace Now.  It is a private community blog and social media site about the art of creating reality. “

For me in particular, my station has been invaluable.  A quite space where I can meditate in gratitude, spend time with the works of guides, and write in my journal is where I see clearly what matters most to me.  It is also where the ideas surface for the gifts I can share.  In particular, direction for my music project, the heart of my book, the origin of the DGB key, symbols expressing the pursuit of awareness and much more have arisen from my time in my station. 

The truly amazing aspect of it is that once you decide how you want to live your life, and support that through the words, symbols and objects you move in and out of your station, that life begins to show up.  I’ve experienced it now over and over again for nearly four years now.

Notes, spreadsheets, artwork and prototypes from     Cure’s ongoing crealitations.

Notes, spreadsheets, artwork and prototypes from Cure’s ongoing crealitations.

 So I am off to work on the further development of my gifts. Today I am preparing notes for a meeting tomorrow with a prospective supporter of my music project.  Writing it all out… then, for me, writing it again and probably again… plays such an important role in preparation for the “do it” phase of the process, but it is all worthwhile because it works. As mentioned above, the process is the point.

See you next month with more news on the progress of my process, dear sols.  (“In this story, sol = student of life.” – Cassidy A. Maze)  Enjoy the beauty autumn always brings our way.

Love Now.