Crealitating Fate

Hello there!

Ayla Hull here, for the very first time since the launch of my crealitation journey in December of 2015. A rising sophomore at Kalamazoo College, I worked for Cassidy A. Maze over winter break and rejoined the Camp Now team two weeks ago, as this summer’s Projects Manager intern.

Me in Frankfurt, Germany. November 2013.

Me in Frankfurt, Germany. November 2013.

In this new position, I often find myself mulling over the founding principle of Maze’s multimedia literary work-in- progress, which she began over 20 years ago, and the more I learn, the more intrigued I become. This interactive series, titled Crealitation: The Myth, Method,
Music, and Magic of Cassidy A. Maze is founded on the ideology known as “creality”-- the intricate and intentional combination of “creation” and “reality.”

Through crealitation, Maze offers her audience a set of tools with which to reflect on their own journeys, a meditative practice empowering them to take control of their own destinies. In the end, all this mulling has prompted me to ask the question: How much control do each of us have
over our own fate?

Questioning this role of fate, destiny, or what-have- you has been extremely inspiring in my role here at Camp Now. When I feel doubtful about my abilities to complete a task, I hear Maze’s voice in my head: Think it! Write it! Do it!

The first step, Think it!, acts in congruence with Maze’s work-in- progress, which looks back in time from the future, teaching readers the art of reflecting on something that has not happened yet in this lifetime. I’ve applied this mentality to my own role planning events for the company. I simply have to close my eyes, picture the event as if it already happened, and work from there-- a sort of inner time-traveling, if you will, to visualize the desired outcome. The second step, Write
consists of writing down my goal and all the steps that need to be completed before attaining that goal. The last step is quite self-explanatory, Do it! You’ve set yourself up for success in crealitating your desired outcome.

This three-step attitude has empowered me to help crealitate our upcoming event on July 24 at the Great Barrington Fairgrounds: The Creality Market & Musical Tent Show. A medley of music and interactive performance art, this event is the main launch party for Crealitation (more information at I look forward to seeing the Crealitation characters come to life, especially the ever-evolving protagonist G.E. Fox, in this staged reading of excerpts and songs from Maze’s work-in-progress.

Working on our upcoming Creality Market on the Peace Bus at Camp Now. July 2016.

Working on our upcoming Creality Market on the Peace Bus at Camp Now. July 2016.

Whether noun, verb, or adjective, crealitation has become, and will continue to be, an important part of my own reflective process and, moreover, a meditation through which I hope to sustain balance within myself. Yes, Crealitation is part literary series, part performance art. But more than that, I have come to understand crealitation as a way of being.

This is my first managerial role in a work setting and it has been a joy learning the process behind that kind of work. Balancing my own creative desires, creation, with my necessary duties, reality, has been a huge part of my learning process and will be a never-ending journey for me. I am unbelievably grateful for all that I am learning, and extremely humbled to be working with such creative, inspiring people who never cease to think outside of the box.

All my best,
Ayla Hull