Strategic Not Knowing

I’m Fiona, strategic consultant for Camp Now.

Twenty-five years ago I started my own company.  I had been working for big international insurance brokerage firms, but I figured out that I could serve my clients another way, a more personal way.  In 1991 it was not a common thing for a woman to start a financial services business on her own.  

This picture was taken in the old grist mill in which my family lives;  the big blue windows behind me are the same ones that you can see in vintage pictures of the place from the 1890s.  I have a degree in archaeology and have always loved old American mills.  I told my husband when we got married that I was sure we'd have a wonderful life, but that we would need to live in a mill.  He said, “OK!”  So now we do.

When I told my boss I was quitting, he gave me a piece of advice.  “Get a recording of typewriters operating in the background when you answer the phone”, he said.  “Then it will seem like your office is real.”

It’s entertaining that typewriters were still in play in 1991.   But the question is:  Is ambient noise what makes something real?  No, of course not.  You make your own reality.  You crealitate it.

Crealitating means finding the gift you have and using it to advance yourself and the world.  I started a consulting firm and found that businesses came to me looking for answers that I didn’t have.  

At first that was intimidating.  But then I realized that if the answers already existed, customers wouldn’t need me.  

And then I realized that I could find those solutions.  If I listened and thought and researched and dreamt and sometimes went through a bunch of tries, the answer would come.  It always does!  

This has turned out to be true for everything for me.  It’s how I know that crealitation works.  And when I first read the Dear You blog, I recognized it there.  If you don’t already read the Dear You blog, subscribe to it, because you might recognize that too.

When I first met Maze (aka your old friend Lizzie West), we took a walk.  And suddenly it was possible to talk in a way that was not bounded by all the things that aren’t working in the world now.  It was possible to peer over all that into a fantastic new green landscape, and figure out how to get there, and what it takes to live in it.

This is my front garden.  I love to paint with plants;  this is a shade garden that comes to life in spring with such vigor and diversity and charm.  It doesn’t stop to wonder whether it is getting it right.  It is.

I became the strategic consultant for Camp Now to help create a path that makes this real.  I don’t know exactly how to make that work.  I have several businesses now and four children.  But I couldn’t not do it.

Do you know the feeling of encountering something and having it connect with a kind of solid clunk?  You may not fully understand it.  You may feel skeptical or joyful or puzzled about it.  But you know it’s real for you, and you also know that whatever more you need to know will come.

This is what is so encouraging to me about the journey of G.E. Fox, who may be just sixteen but who already knows that she is more than equipped to lead and explore.

It’s exciting, knowing that in each one of us too is an incredibly powerful tool to crealitate, to make peace in our time.  It’s not beyond us.  In fact, it’s right here, now this summer.  Our job at Camp Now is to help make it fully available to everyone.


These are peonies along the garden path, among my favorites. This picture comes from last year;  these same ones are still tight buds this week, only a hint of pink showing.  That will change so fast.  It’s a stunning event that always creates itself in time.  I think often of the of way that plants and flowers and weeds in the garden give us ways and clues about how to go for it.