This Summer

Hello all! 

It’s me, Miranda Hope Shea, once again returning to report on Camp Now, Crealitation, and bit about my world. I have been working remotely this Summer, after a long semester away at school. I’ve been helping push Crealitation forward, as well as working at Stanton Home: a place for adults living with disabilities. This combination has been truly enlightening.

I have been able to work on the storyboards for the Musical Tutorials, sketching and bringing to life the absurdist Creality Coaches and characters of Crealitation. Revisiting the opening of the Legend of G.E. Fox has allowed Maze and I talk about some big questions concerning the universe of the story, the characters themselves, and how tightly knit Creality and reality are in this story. One day, Maze and I were working on one of the "Dear You..." Letters (which I worked on the edits for), when we discussed The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (if you haven’t read it, I highly suggest it—a sensory and imaginative piece for you appreciators of poetry). Digging into the deeper meaning behind the lines, and calling forth what I have been calling the “Star Language” (the Language of Now, the LON, those word break ups: re*Member?) opened up a whole new appreciation and understanding of the poem itself, as well as it’s fantastical connections to the Legends of Crealitation.

G.E. Fox and I have also been discussing this magical phenomenon of reality and Creality. We were discussing our edits on one of her documents and my sketches I had done of pre-her arrival. It’s just so strange how so many things came into being before they even came into being! We both remarked. She has been a non-stop source of creative energy in office, a true inspiration for all of us to be sharing our stories without fear. Her presence on social media has been awesome to watch flourish and grow.

I have also been working on the public interface side of things, looking at and editing the weekly newsletters, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook accounts, as well as the “Dear You…” Letters and beyond. We made a big leap forward by going public, launching Legend campaigns and reaching out into the Lizzie West fan base to build a platform for West, now Maze’s new work. It’s been a whirlwind. And, as always, our progress is recorded in the Egg Room, Crealitation’s private social media site, where we at Camp Now track our progress with crealitating the project as well as in our lives.  

A sneak peek of the storyboards for Musical Tutorial One.

A sneak peek of the storyboards for Musical Tutorial One.

While I have been working through all of these fantastic projects, I have been doing my own personal work at Stanton Home. This home functions similarly to the Camphill life-sharing model, and I work as a caretaker with the residents in their day program. I have been very blessed to work with some of the kindest people, at both jobs. It’s been an interesting transition from school, but this combination of work has proven to me that the path I am on is the right one. I will be taking a year off of school next year, traveling to Scotland to work as a peer mentor/art therapist with disadvantaged youth, combining my passion for social work with my love of art and writing.

Creating peace, in these dark times we live in, is crucial. Left and right we see the suffering of our fellow humans, and we ourselves are crippled by a society that doesn’t want us to be at peace or to succeed. I may be taking a rather non-traditional path right now, with my career, with school, with my whole life, but I am certain that if this is what will make me happy, than I can’t do anything but tell others to do the same. Follow your own drumbeat. Cultivate your passions and you will find what makes you happy. 

So cheers! Here is to the months ahead, whatever they bring. Be blessed. 

A recent shot of me: I have been practically living in the water since summer break began.

A recent shot of me: I have been practically living in the water since summer break began.

Miranda Shea
(Editor, Illustrator, Social Media Coordinator)