Learning to Unlearn

Hello Traveling Companions,

I’m Andy “Cure” Cureado, reporting on Crealitation again, for Camp Now, from the northern plains of South Dakota, where blue skies, balmy temperatures and a buffeting prairie wind have placed a smile on my face and a song in my heart. All is exactly as it should be.

Cure in his South Dakota studio.

Cure in his South Dakota studio.

My role at Camp Now has been joyfully in motion. Most recently, I’ve been focusing on uploading music and related artwork to our demo platform, Camp Now Music. Any music uploaded to BandCamp is eligible to be chosen for further development through the Crealitation platform. Most of the work right now is coming from the Lizzie West archives, with the exception of my song and video To Be Here. Similar uploads are underway at CD Baby and videos are being posted on Creality TV. I am also continuing to engage in various community management activities.  All of the roles that I have played here continue to teach and entertain. Being part of such a talented team lights the candle of inspiration for me.

Artwork from the stellar design team at Camp Now. Uploaded along with songs.

My deepest connection to Crealitation remains my more than 3 years of activity in The Egg Room. The Egg Room is an incubatory site where you practice the process of Crealitation, created by Cassidy A. Maze. In The Egg Room, I’ve met others who are traveling similar yet unique journeys while exploring my own interests to better understand what I truly love and how to spend my time in those authentic activities. The Egg Room is where the practice of Crealitation unfolds and where you can learn to create your own reality. Cassidy A. Maze personally shares her own practices in this venue, along with ongoing posts from her team demonstrating how they are bringing her work to life.

It is my understanding that those who have sent in their snail mail addresses will be receiving the first invites to the next Egg Room focus group that will be happening in the next month. As The Egg Room evolves it will become more and more available to larger groups of people. For the time being we will be testing one focus group at a time.  Interested in learning more? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter The Core.

Part of the learning process, of course, is unlearning. A recent “unlearning lesson” for me focused on a commonly recognized map of the world. It is based on a map projection made by Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator in the 16th century. The map possesses the advantage of providing navigational consistency, but dramatically distorts size of continents as latitude increases toward either pole. A second map, known as the Gall-Peters Projection, was developed to illustrate the accurate area of land masses. A couple examples of the distinction: In reality, Africa is actually 14 times larger than Greenland while South America is roughly twice the size of Europe. 

Mercator’s Projection Map, designed for navigational consistency

Gall-Peter’s Projection Map, showing actual size of continents by area

So what does this have to do with Crealitation and our work at Camp Now? Simply that we are all reminded to remember that what we have been taught is only true within a specific set of limitations. How we see our world, our relationship to it and the interaction continually taking place among all life is not carved in stone, but rather fluid and continually awaiting further discovery.

The process is ongoing. It requires an open mind and an open heart. Accordingly, we seek to maintain the flexibility to be comfortable in proceeding with what we know while recognizing that what we know is in flux, constantly changing, as our understanding expands. To embrace what we know, what we don’t know and the challenge of reconciling that with the unknowable, is the path of being human. For me, it is also at the heart of the great work accomplished every day at Camp Now.

Among my current Crealitation efforts are writing and recording music

My personal Crealitation experience continues to unfold. My daily work is what I love – writing music, stories and identifying what gifts I have within me that will be of benefit to others on this extraordinary trek home.

Until next time, keep unlearning!

– Cure