Putting Together the Creality Puzzle

This is Mae, greeting you from Camp Now headquarters, as I settle in for my second week as part of the community. I am a 17 year old artist, student, and farmer, living and working in the vibrant Hudson Valley. I spend a lot of my head space exploring photography, planning extravagant ideas, pretending like I can play my ukulele, and running an online screen printing shop where I sell and print my own graphic t-shirts. When I am not doing those things, I am usually tending to the goings on at Little Seed Gardens (my family farm in Chatham, N.Y.), teaching classes and leading field trips at an after school sexuality education program called Wisebodies (also located in Chatham), or, as of these last two weeks, brainstorming and crealitating with the Camp Now crew.

Me, wearing one of my hand printed t-shirts.

If it isn’t obvious, I am someone with many interests, all of which I look to manifest in my reality. That is why, when a friend told me about Maze and Crealitation, I was immediately drawn in. The idea of creating your own reality was exactly what I had been employing and expressing through my creativity and many interests. I still have much to unpuzzle as I enter the world of Crealitation, but as I learn more and more, my own horizons and possibilities seem to broaden.

Notes taken by me during a meeting at Camp Now.

These past few weeks I have gathered more understanding of the Crealitation puzzle by subscribing to and reading The Core, following G.E. Fox on Instagram (@g.e.fox) to hear her telling of The Legend of Lizzie West, and exploring the other crew posts on this blog. With each 33 day campaign, myself and others witness the unravelling of the story and the journey to peace.

This week I am working under the guidance of Maze and Captain Wedd (Sophie) to step into my role as content team manager/author/editor/crew manager. I learned the inner workings of the daily publishings for our current campaign and tried my hand at posting on some of the social media platforms, before handing the job off to Miranda and G.E. Fox for the rest of the week. We brainstormed exciting plans for the upcoming campaign and began setting in place schemes for amazing creality events to come. I also created an account in the Eggroom (the Crealitation private social media), tasted the Happy Story Honey, and sipped a cup of our special coffee (both of which are prototyped as part of the crealiation tool kit).

It seems myself and other team members are given space to build and evolve our roles, an attitude which allows each individual to play a part which is harmonious with what their needs are and the needs of the team. Originally I connected with Camp Now in pursuit of an art fairy/internship position, but soon after meeting with some of the crew, it became evident that I might be more suited for different position in the team. Currently my title is something along the lines of “content manager”, a title which has proven to encompass other as well, in accordance with my own strengths and abilities. Already I can see that the role I have been cast to play will require me to increase my hours working with Camp Now, an addition which will help me in establishing guidelines for smooth sailing throughout this summer. I am looking forward to the inevitable evolution of myself and my team position through the process of crealitating with Camp Now.

Art from my sketchbook.

In all the work I do, whether it be growing nutritious food and caring for the land, teaching kids the skills they need to navigate their journey into adolescence, adulthood and beyond, or creating original designed t-shirts which others utilize as physical self expression, I am looking to empower myself by empowering others. I see this new collaboration with Camp Now as the next step for me to directly explore this meaningful work, and I am excited for the path ahead. 

– Mae DK