My name is Naho Hirohata and I have been a Design Intern and Art Fairy at Camp Now since April. My work at Camp Now recently has involved into researching social media platforms for G.E. Fox and uploading things to them. I helped G.E. Fox set up a snapchat (username: crealitation), and Maze has been sending me and others on there videos from the band rehearsals. It has been great seeing these sneak previews into the work Maze is building.

This is me.

We also recently took on analyzing the Helsinki Hudson open mic night project, which would potentially aim to expand the audience at open mic night (every Tuesday, at Helsinki: 405 Columbia St, Hudson, NY 12534) and thereby positively affect the local culture. For three weeks we tested putting up a video every week on Creality TV, featuring one of the performers, which gave performers more publicity and would hopefully inspire others to perform. This is an example of a project we tested out for a member of our community. If the member feels it is a good plan, they can decide to fund and pick it up where we left off.

I have also been scanning and transcribing evidence of The Legend of Lizzie West, including the many pieces of wisdom and sketches Lizzie West scribbled down, journals from her adolescence, and photos. Every week, Maze goes to a recording studio a few times and I work to keep up with uploading the videos and images from the sessions onto the content drive. The other day I started gluing the text into the script prototype for Crealitation, the Musical.

Through my work and my own research, I have become more and more familiar with the world of Crealitation, Lizzie West and G.E. Fox, but I feel like I am just skimming the tip of the iceberg. Some things that have helped me navigate the world of Crealitation are scrolling through instagram feeds (usernames: @crealitation, @g.e.fox) and subscribing to The Core. The Core is a weekly email with updates about all the different parts of Camp Now including the musical, the various blogs and special events. You are welcome to subscribe too, by clicking here.

From my understanding of it, Crealitation is a self-help tool, yet so much more. It is a way of life that allows each individual to realize and profit from the gifts they have, through positive thought and strategic guidance. To crealitate is to take control of the reality one lives in instead of being shaped by it. The core belief of Crealitation is that one creates their own reality, which makes sense, because one cannot prove that reality is anything more than what one believes is real. Its philosophy reconnects human awareness with the relationships between people and our relationship with the earth, to create peace and environmental action. It also emphasizes action now, something that is greatly lacking in this day and age. While laws are passed to cut carbon footprints, there are not enough people deciding to switch completely to alternative energy sources.

I am currently a senior at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. My education in school and out has always involved a lot of art, including painting, drawing, clay, woodwork, stained glass, music, drama and much more. My favorite form of art is visual arts, particularly charcoal drawing and oil painting. You can see my artwork on my website, nahohirohata.com.

25.5" by 33" white charcoal on black paper, by Naho Hirohata. 

25.5" by 33" white charcoal on black paper, by Naho Hirohata. 

Next year I will study Psychology and Graphic Design at CUNY Hunter in Manhattan. I want to study Graphic Design because I would like to make art, but have it be more useful in everyday life than a painting. I believe every person should study Psychology in college as they realize their identity, because it gives a person a better understanding of themselves and the world they live in. I think that awareness of the world one lives in is necessary for one to navigate and change it as a responsible human being.

I was born in Boulder, Colorado, and spent most of my childhood in San Francisco. I think it was the ideal place for me to grow up, because I was immersed in so many different cultures that were able to coexist and all valued self-expression. From the Fillmore neighborhood I gained an appreciation for jazz music, from the Castro I learned self-acceptance, from Japan Town I got to know my heritage and where I came from. I gained an appreciation of nature from the many hikes at Lands End, Fort Mason and Marin Headlands, and hours playing at the many beaches. I also grew up with environmental awareness, because of the hippie culture still present in many parts, as well as the new age and hari krishna cultures. San Francisco has changed a lot recently, because the diverse cultures and easy lifestyle was more attractive to young people working in the tech industry. However, the things I have learned from the city will be a part of me forever.

Putting together the "Crealitation, the Musical" script at Camp Now.

Putting together the "Crealitation, the Musical" script at Camp Now.

For high school I moved to Camphill Village in Copake, New York. Camphill is a community founded by an anthroposophic doctor, where developmentally handicapped people live and work with families and volunteers. It is a place that focuses on the individual gifts and strengths of each person, so that anyone, regardless of their abilities, can find their place and feel they are contributing to the whole. The Copake Camphill has a fully functioning biodynamic bakery, farm and dairy that provides for everyone who lives there. I am not very involved in the day-to-day activities of Camphill, but living there I have become more aware of the food I eat and have become aware of a completely different way of living. My work at Camp Now has made me more aware of my skills, and appreciative of the local artists and farmers. It is really quite inspiring seeing Maze put her former self to rest to create this world that aims to achieve peace on time.

– Naho