Spring in my Steps


It’s Hazel, writing from Providence, RI again. When I last wrote in March, I was musing about change (perhaps because a few days before my birthday, I was a bit apprehensive about hitting my second decade mark). Now, almost two months later, I am back and ready to share with you my state of mind in the stressful time of year known to college students as “Finals”. 

The past few weeks have been a blur of sickness and recovery, dance rehearsals and performances, and late night studios. But starting this week in better health, after finishing most of my performing, and settling down for the final finals push—I’m determined to make it to the end in the most healthy and productive manner I can. I will remember all the Crealitational tools that will keep me up and running—taking notes on the future, doing my best in the “Now”, and reflecting on what worked in the past. And if all else fails, taking the necessary DBGs (deep breaths of gratitude) to re-center—not hard to remember when the air is as beautiful and spring-like as it has become.

Meanwhile, The Legend of Lizzie West has been unfolding daily… and I have been going back in time—excavating and imagining the past to bring forward the story on all the social media platforms. It is helpful to have the chance to work on big picture project—the “Legend Story”—when so much of student life is about the weekly deadlines. 

I’ve also been able to tune into some of our Summer plans that are brewing, and for all of you following Camp Now, I can tell you that you're in for some exciting happenings! Stay connected, learn about private happenings, and get downloadable freebies every week, by signing up for our newsletter, The Core, follow us across our various social media platforms to watch everything unfold, and share with friends, as we all come together to get ready for a great Summer 2016… 

The weather is warming up and school is coming to a close. All the best and a happy spring!

– Hazel

Portrait by talented photographer (and sister), Pearl Elsbach.

Dancing through the stress! 

Early and recent work by G. E. Fox.