Hello Fellow Travelers,

M.H.S. here. Since I first began working at Camp Now three years ago, I have found that one of my great passions is playing the role of Editor, working closely with an author on copy and content formation. I have been able to expand on this skill set for some time now, and have learned how to embrace new tasks and job descriptions that have come my way. Lately, I have been deeply involved with the social media portion of our Crealitation work, looking at all sides of this multi-faceted project, making sure they work together seamlessly.

Maze and I have been working hard, honing The Legend of Lizzie West and how it ties into The Legend of G.E. Fox, which flows into Crealitation, the Musical, which informs the practice, and so on and so forth. The challenge is keeping all the balls in the air at once, as we continue to circle the project, tending to it from every angle.

I too, on a personal level, must do the same. I am working remotely from my current stationing at Wheaton College, producing my artwork and writing, and making some pretty big life decisions all at once. After some great reflection, I have decided to take a year off of school and explore the world for a while before returning to my education. This means that this summer will be important to my involvement at Camp Now. We are looking at some great things about to happen in regards to our publicity and the progression of the project. The Big Takeover has hopped on board the Crealitation train and couldn’t be rocking it more. Maze and I journey ever closer to researching our favorite literary agent, and we are discussing the first stages of production of Crealitation, the Musical.

So, over all, it is important that we propel this project forward. The evolution of Crealitation over the past few years has shown me much about how the many incarnations of a project can be unexpected, even tangled at times. But working through the rough patches is where the progress really begins to happen; therein lies the magic. This is an important philosophy to remember not only for the sake of the project, or personal creative work, but internally as well. Pressure creates diamonds, if you will. On a consistent basis, we have been able to publish a weekly crew blog post, here, our weekly newsletter, The Core, daily posts across multiple social media platforms, as well as The "Dear You..." Letters at cassidyamaze.com. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

As the end of this school year approaches, I look forward into the next chapter of the Summer. I am excited to a have a space of rejuvenation, hours of reading by the creek, furthering my own writing project, drawing outside in nature, and letting the sun seep into these chilled bones. We have so much work to do, but we are resting on a mountain of accomplishments. We have jump-started a presence across multiple social media platforms, curated the archives, and furthered and refined multiple manuscripts. All of this, of course, is a work in progress, but at the end of the day, we have made something of great substance.

Onward in the Evolution, inward and out, and a toast: to the future, and whatever it may bring. These next few months have been set up to be very interesting. Stay tuned.

Yours Truly, 
Miranda Hope Shea
(Editor, Illustrator and Community Development Organizer at Camp Now)

In the studio, per usual. It was time for a bit of a hair switch up…blue!

“Rousse, la Toilette”: an adaptation in Oil I’ve been working on.

Dr. Tumbleweed, rough concept art