Just Another (Non) Ordinary Day at Camp Now

Greetings Everyone!

I’m Cate, one of the newest members to the Camp Now Team. I’ve been working for Maze since early December and can positively say that I’ve learned a great deal so far. Although I can’t give you a specific title (I wear a few different, brightly colored, hats), I can take you through one of my days here…

Me and Louise

I walk into the house and I’m greeted by the furry Professors Willow and Merlin. They don’t give half enthused welcomes, so it always starts my day with a smile. Roger, Maze’s Gnome, can usually be found in the kitchen brewing up his latest concoction of “broomstick fuel” or picking up the remnants of the breakfast he prepared for his loving girls.

I hear a “Good Morning” from Maze upstairs. She’s undertaken the labor some task of combing through the hair of a very objecting young girl. Louise, Maze’s daughter, is one of the most strong-willed 5 year olds I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. She’s entirely a sweetheart, but if she doesn't want to do something… you’ve got yourself into an enormous endeavor. I once witnessed her bite a flu swab in half (while very sick) because she didn’t agree with the doctor that it was necessary. Maze and I join forces to finish getting Louise ready. When done, Louise will jump in my car so I can take her to school. “Can we listen to Priscilla?” she asks every time. Louise didn’t fall far from the musical tree, she very quickly memorized multiple songs on one of her cds. We both sing along until I drop her off at school.

 Now back at the house, Janet and I meet with Maze to go over our agenda for the day. Maze grabs a peace of chalk and writes her latest goal on the chalkboard wall. What seems like a simple task is actually the first step of an invaluable crealitation lesson, “think, write, DO.”. The chalk reveals her ambition to turn the current Camp Now property into a place to host private dinners and aweekend camping destination. We all share a chuckle when we notice that Roger is simultaneously jotting down his thoughts on the matter. Maze describes her plan to actualize this goal and then departs to her work and meetings.

Roger and Maze.

Today involved beautifying the land, but on any day I could be anywhere from checking the inventory for the Camp now store to searching through Lizzie West archives and posting media content. I may not know where the day will lead me, but I do know that I’ll be part of a sometimes chaotic, never boring, always wonderful team helping people to join the evolution to enrich their lives.

Keep calm and crealitate on,