An Interview With L.D.M.K.

"Today my assignment was to help our resident Art Fairy in training, Louise Dharma Moon Kieraldo (L.D.M.K.), write a blog post. She’s been home with a nasty bug all week and is only now starting to feel better. I happened to catch her after an after-school nap for an interview.  The transcript is below along with evidence of a rather lovely story she wrote. Happy reading…"

- Isabel Grace Currie (I.G.C.)

Here is L.D.M.K. smiling next to some maple syrup in progress!

Who do you want to read this?

LDMK: Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa and Roger. 

What do you want to tell them about yourself?

LDMK: My favorite color is purple. I like playing in my tree fort, and I’m going to like it even better when it’s done. It will probably take a long time because Roger said he’s going to keep working on it, and there will be a place where it’s waterproof. I like watching movies like Beauty and the Beast. I liked going to Disney World with my dad, my grandparents and my uncle. 

Where do you live?

LDMK: I live at Roger’s and I live at my dad’s. 

Where do you go to school?

LDMK: Mountain Road. 

What do you like to do?

LDMK: I like drawing. I like drawing constellations.

What do you like to make?

LDMK: I like making books. I don’t think this was my first book.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

LDMK: I think I want to be an Astronomer.

What do you like to play?

LDMK: I think I like to play the Ghost Mystery at school. I saw a ghost in my house. 

What is Camp Now?

LDMK: I don’t know!

What does your Mama do?

LDMK: I don’t know! One of things is she writes.

How do help her?

LDMK: She reads the letters to me. I just listen. Sometimes Roger tells her when to change something.

What do the Art Fairies do?

LDMK: I don’t know!

How do you help them?

LDMK: I don’t know! 

What do you want to Crealitate? What have you Crealitated?

LDMK: I was a good girl and I got my allowance and only Caroline (the American Girl Doll) was gotten by mom for my birthday I think... I have Kaya too. I got her with my money. 

I want to crealitate a birthday! But I already have a birthday. I don’t wanna crealitate my birthday, I was just kidding!

I want Rebecca. That’s another American Girl Doll. 

"The Spooky Night," a book by L.D.M.K.

The last page of "The Spooky Night" by L.D.M.K.