Round Two

Hello Fellow Travelers! 

It’s Miranda again, reporting now from the small town of Norton M.A., nestled between Boston and Providence, back in the academic swing of things at Wheaton College. My work, since I last made an appearance here on the blog, has shifted into it’s remote phase. This means that since I’m not in office, and working from school, my job duties, responsibilities, and output all shift a little bit, and I get to observe the humming, buzzing worker-hive that is Camp Now, from a step back. Being able to blend work and school has proven to be invaluable—not only for the research I can bring to the company, but in what my work on Crealitation is doing for me in the realm of academia. In regards to Camp Now, I am bringing new knowledge, hot off the press, that I am obtaining in my HTML coding, and design classes, taking a deep look at how the websites can look and function in tip-top shape. Also, I am using the production schedule creation and project management skills I have had to hone while working for Camp Now, back in the classroom. Time management, deadline completion, and think-tank brainstorming have never been more intuitive. What good fortune! 

In the same vein, I have been slaying dragons and wrestling monsters of all sorts, learning how to play this game of creating, producing, and shaping content in and out of office. As this semester has progressed, I have been more and more involved with Camp Now’s social media presence, and the philosophy and presentation that really is involved in creating an authentic, yet innovative online profile (real or fictional…). This too can be said of my work in school. I have been pushing myself to the limit in how I create then edit my work, including expanding and stretching my own artistic boundaries. 

Using new methods and mediums, applying new skills, and learning how to take and give constructive criticism: it applies to everything. 

So, over all, being remote has allowed me to see Camp Now work that is being done in the big picture, while simultaneously zooming in on specifics in my personal inventive growth. As I said recently in the Egg Room (our private online social media platform, available to you soon!), concentration and motivation are not only the key to Community Outreach, but to bringing forth quality work. You need passion to keep the ball rolling. It has become increasingly clear to me how important this is! Focusing on the source of the motivation can increase it. 

In more news: In the past week I have turned twenty, applied to study abroad in Scotland in the Fall, taken on my new role as Art Editor for my school Literary Journal, and officially declared the first of my two majors: Studio Art! (Creative Writing one in progress). Wowza! 

Age 3, Age 20. Not too much has changed. 

Over all, there isn’t much you can’t accomplish if you are determined, passionate, and maybe just a little bit stubborn. Work or school? Why not both! Advice from a young sol, still learning and figuring it all out? Stay in love with what you do, and it’s all possible. 

Yours Truly, 
Miranda Hope Shea
(aka M.H.S. Your friendly neighborhood editor, illustrator, and Community Development Organizer)

Onward my companions!

Quick sketch: Illustrating the Legendary Fox while Maze reads manuscript drafts. 

School Work: Expanding my illustrative voice to new mediums–linocut and woodcut printmaking.