Just What I Needed At Just The Right Time

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Denielle. I run the business office for Camp Now Productions. Outside of Camp Now I would describe myself as a single mom, a student, and a business owner. I have three incredible kids. Colin will be 10 in a few days, Michaela will be 9 in April and Mckenzie is 7. I run a couple of my own businesses, including my own accounting firm, D. Marie Bookkeeping, a knitting company, called A Mother’s Love, making kids hats and as an independent distributor for It Works helping people find their happier, healthier lives. I obtained my Bachelors in Accounting in 2013 from University of Phoenix and I am currently in the final semesters of my Masters in Accounting, with an expected completion date of January 2017.

My Little Loves

When I completed my Bachelors in Accounting, my main objective with my degree was to create a business that would allow me the flexibility I needed to be with my kids as often as they need me. As a single mom, it is a struggle to make a living yet still be there for all their parent teacher conferences, plays, activities, sick days and snow days. So January 2013, D. Marie Bookkeeping was born and I immediately started taking on clients. 

Camp Now was one of my first clients. The first couple of months working with Maze, it was just she and I camped out in her living room with computers on our laps, sitting in front of the wood stove, talking numbers and discussing how the company could grow from a budget standpoint. Over the past 3 years with Camp Now, it is grown from the two of us in her living room to a busy, bustling office with a number of employees making the ship sail. I have seen my position grow from just doing the bookkeeping to all around management of the business office making sure everything is running as smoothly as it can. 

One of my responsibilities with Camp Now

The beauty of Camp Now for me is that it plays to my strengths with finances, organization and management yet has always had a level of flexibility I so desperately need. Maze being a mom herself understands the demand of children and understands trying to juggle it all without letting any of those balls drop. I get to do what I love while still remaining true to who I am by working for Camp Now and I think that is a glorious thing. 

One of the hats I sell in my store, A Mother's Love

When I think about what Crealitation is to me, I would define it as a way to find your bliss, find your gift and bring you together with the things and people that will bring you the most happiness in life, through an open heart and positivity. Working with Maze and practicing Crealitation has opened a lot of doors for me by connecting me with some of my most valuable clients.