This Moment Forward

Hi Again!

This is Hazel, writing remotely from Providence, RI. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about change. How can you make it happen, and how do you know for sure when it has taken place?

Sometimes the greatest changes occur within, and you never see evidence of their occurrence. But for Camp Now, in these past few weeks, that has not been the case. The developments that have been brewing for months and years (even decades!) have started to take a physical and very public form. Our decision to pull the “peace trigger,” as we call it, was a long time coming, even if it snuck up on us in the end. But isn’t it true that many of the best things happen spontaneously? Well, that’s what I’ve been finding anyway—to be true in my own crealitated life.

Spontaneity hit last night, when I finally crealitated a haircut I’d been considering for weeks. Although I had thought about cutting it off for a long time, of course I didn’t plan on cutting it off at midnight, on a rainy Wednesday night. But, the factors were just right... My haircutting friend was awake and available and I happened to have a pair of scissors in my desk. It turned out that my spontaneity was contagious, when another friend who hadn’t even considered getting a cut, jumped in for one as well. Afterwards we both felt renewed. Was it the missing hair that made us feel lighter or was it the thrill of spontaneous action? 

For all of us at Camp Now, it has certainly been thrilling to watch our content meet its intended audience, and to see an organically growing reaction to its presence in the world. In the end, everything we work on is meant to be shared—shared with you, by us and then again by you! For in Crealitation we never want to passively receive information. We decide what to believe in, and then we decide what to do with our beliefs. If you believe in crealitating a better life and a better world, how can you enlist others towards that goal?

In Crealitation, we also believe in taking the time you need to crealitate the life you want. And while that process can be as long as time itself, the first step to take is in this moment, whatever you decide to do with it. Just to be clear, that step doesn’t have to be cutting off your hair in the early morning hours!

Good fortune and lots of spontaneity in all your moments,
Hazel Elsbach (H.B.E) 

In the first moments after the hair came off.

Evidence of me (on the left) learning by doing. When I finally chose to switch my major to Printmaking, after a semester spent questioning myself, the decision felt as right as my instincts had tried to tell me it would feel. It would have been easy to ignore that feeling and stick with what I had chosen originally, but it was better to take action—even last minute.

Loving the process, a tenant of Crealitation, is something I find easy in Printmaking. Every step produces a new, uniquely beautiful effect on the work in progress. Witnessing each step on the path to the final edition is, I think, the privilege of being a Printmaker. 

Finally, I’ll use this opportunity to show the work of G.E. Fox, our company intern, who has been shadowing me since she started here in January. It’s exciting for me to watch her company story unfold, since mine started in much the same way—two years earlier. Follow her on her instagram to find the latest evidence of an artist in the making.