Hello Traveling Companions

Hello Traveling Companions,

I’m Andy Cureado, a husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend, songwriter, researcher, theorist and observer of the collaborative tendencies that exist between the Universe and each of us. I have been a contract employee at Camp Now since October, 2015 working in various aspects of community management. I have been studying and practicing the art of Crealitation since January, 2013, learning to see life in the manner that has always been second nature to me, but like the refinement of any skill requires knowledge, dedication, gratitude and practice…practice…practice.

Cureado, at home in South Dakota, 2016.

This is me, picured at Camp Now, on a Crealitation retreat in the summer of 2015. Picture by Cassidy A. Maze.

My journey to Camp Now started many years earlier. Decades ago my belief in the ability of public service to make a difference in our world led me to spending 14 years working for a United States Senator whom I hold in the highest regard to this day. While in his employ, I personally witnessed and sometimes even wielded the power to make lives better, both on a national scale and for one person at a time. I was also exposed to the dangerous high-wire act involved in being a good human drinking from the well of politics.  The delicate balance between personal ideals and the necessary compromises of gaining broad support for implementation of actions became more than I could comfortably navigate. I could feel this was where I am no longer meant to be.

From there I directed both local and national not-for-profit organizations. Again, there were outstanding opportunities to help others and I worked successfully with amazing individuals, but in time I began to recognize that same feeling – that the processes did not resonate with who I am.  

To address this recognition, In 2006, in conjunction with creative guru Danny Hawk, I established a website called “Salamander Fred”, dedicated to the “search for intelligent life on the planet”. The endeavor was designed to locate evidence of behavior that rose above ancient, self – destructive human tendencies – in particular, the insatiable drive to consume and the endless fight to avoid being consumed. Transcending these patterns, I believe, is at the heart of the advancement and eventual survival of our species. The website was my first shot at breathing life into my deeply held beliefs. It set me on a search for others of a similar mind.

In 2007, that quest brought me to an internet radio program where the host was interviewing singer/songwriter Lizzie West. Her words were mind-opening and inspirational. I reached out to her immediately and added her link to the site. It was just the evidence I was seeking! We remained in contact and when she started her online Crealitation effort, she kindly invited me to participate.

Gnome with Ribbon from the Crealitation Ball of Peace

Crealitation has been my deepest dive into understanding what matters most to me and how to bring that about in reality. The practice promotes daily meditation, gratitude and research of the teachings from our favorite personal guides. Through the process, we share the best we have with others traveling similar paths. Themes continue arising from my meditations letting me know what gifts I can bring to the surface. As Cassidy A. Maze – our old friend Lizzie West – founder of Crealitation reminded me, what I need most to give is something someone else needs most to receive. This is the path that leads to peace.

Maze has established a deep and thorough curriculum for learning the art of Crealitation.  Assignments are required for participants to move forward, but are applied with an unfailing patience and the realization that everyone works at their own speed.

The atmosphere in the Egg Room – the Crealitation private social media site – where “evidence” of our work is shared with other Crealitators, is collaborative and supportive, often propelling ideas to a deeper level of development and refinement. The team includes incredible artists known as “Art Fairies” and “Love Gnomes” to help with taking visions of gifts from concept to reality.  

Crealitation helped me create time to work on my music and other artistic endeavors

This week I released my demo of To Be Here through Camp Now Music on BandCamp. It is now being demoed for inclusion in Crealitation, the Musical! You can stream it below, or click "download" to visit Camp Now Music, watch the accompanying video and purchase the song. In Crealitation, the process is the point, so watch my songs grow over time.

A sketch that M.H.S. (Editor, Illustrator and Performer at Camp Now) did of me, Cureado.

Crealitation is a process always in motion. Working the practice daily brings surprises of how we best interact with the world around us, and how that world wants us to succeed. The game has taught me how to act on inspiration as it arrives. For me, it continues to be a life changing activity. My daily Station time reveals what Gifts I have to offer and how to bring them into reality. I know of no other program available with the combination of spiritual awareness, creative support and the necessary pragmatism to help anyone make their dreams a reality. The more we learn to live these deeply authentic lives, the more we will spread peace in our time. 

Hope to see you there soon,
Andy Cureado