Nice to meet you!

Hi there! 

My name is Mary Wedd. I’m an intern/art fairy at Camp Now. I am currently a senior at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf High School. I like to think of myself as a creative soul and right now my favorite types of art creating have been pencil drawing, ink drawing and oil painting. Where I am right now in life is new to me. I feel as though I'm beginning to really grow up. I am starting to clearly see my future responsibilities and the changes approaching. Like the constant change in life, I believe the work I do at Camp Now is constantly changing, and Crealitation is constantly evolving. I began working with the Camp Now Crew at the end of July 2015. Since then I have worked in office and remotely, so I have had the chance to learn how to quietly work alone and also how to work alongside mentors and artists of all kinds more closely.  

This is me!

My work at Camp Now has consisted of a variety of things including, content editing, communication with local crafters, recruiting fellow art fairies, archiving and helping move forward other projects including our current social media campaign. My role as of now is defined as the Head Intern and Co-Intern Team Manager. What Crealitation allows me to do is help others express their creative selves along with being able to express my own. Crealitation I believe in its essence, is the idea that one can choose and create their ideal reality. Therefore Crealitation would allow me to create an environment where I could make my work expressive, fun, interesting and exciting.

A property map I drew of the Camp Now Headquarters, and the trusty laptop in the background

A drawing I did from a photograph of a Native American boy