Hi, world!

Hey there! 

My name is Beatrice, and I’m an aspiring author, editor, publisher, journalist, or teacher, and, in general, a wildly creative soul. I work part-time at Camp Now as an intern manager, editor, content developer, and archivist. 

I’m a full-time student, locally, at Bard College. And, alongside school, I have a rich extracurricular life. I work for my school’s paper, “The Free Press,” as a journalist and staff writer, which has been a wonderful opportunity for me to try my hand at journalism. Because of it, I have had the opportunity to meet interesting people from the area, as well as write fun articles, and participate in a monthly meeting that focuses on development, online marketing, and interesting happenings and people from, and around, Red Hook. Aside from that, I write a weekly, published article for TheOdyssey.com, teach writing to ninth graders once a semester, and work here, at Camp Now!

This is me!

I graduated from Hawthorne Valley School, a creative Waldorf high school with a strong emphasis on the arts. An emphasis so strong that students spent an hour at the end of every day practicing different art forms. Upon graduating, I spent a gap-year traveling and spending some time soul-searching. I worked for two months at a beachside B&B, spent two weeks with family in England and France, and tried my hand at a few odd jobs. After this was over, I travelled an hour south to Bard College. My first year there was spent in a slight state of agony. I felt unsure about what I wanted to pursue as a career. Writing, my one true passion, didn’t seem like it would earn me any money. I took my first writing workshop Sophomore Year however, and, after that, knew that there was nothing else I’d rather be doing. It would be a struggle, but I dove in. 

Having decided to immerse myself in all that Bard’s Written Arts program had to offer, I was given the opportunity to work with celebrity writers like Teju Cole, Porochista Khakpour, Neil Gaiman, Joseph O’Neil, and Mary Caponegro. In one-on-one environments, I experimented with finding my voice. I wrote psychological thrillers, murder mysteries, cop dramas, screenplays, funeral comedies…the list goes on, and it’s still being made! Besides that, I read an innumerable amount of stories, written both by my peers and my idols. Stories by Peter Stamm, Lydia Davis, Italo Calvino, Jorge Luis Borges, and honestly more than I can remember. Bard is a school renowned for its writers, and I’m honored to be able to attend it. 

Junior year, I became serious about the impending doom of post-grad life. In November, I joined my school newspaper, started working as an editor and transcriber for Cassidy A. Maze, our fearless leader here at Camp Now, and continued working at the reference desk at my school’s library. I even dabbled in teaching! I was hand-picked out of a large group of young writers to lead a writing workshop to ninth graders, alongside one other peer. 

Here’s a screenshot of my blog, which you can read at cuppabea.wordpress.com

I come from a big family in Philmont, NY, from a little farm in the middle of the woods. Growing up with seven siblings, and having been homeschooled for a big chunk of my life, I value family strongly.  Because of this, I was very happy to discover the comfortable, family-like environment at Camp Now. Work is done sitting before the fireplace on a rug, at a wooden dinner-table, or in cafes, and so on. We talk, develop ideas and content in the “think tank,” and are always able to joke around. 

Transcribing at Camp Now

I’ve now been working at the company for around three months. I’ve alternated from working about two days a week while school’s in session, to full-time over my winter break. I feel that my role has evolved in a direction where I can be proud of the work I produce, test the boundaries of my skills and expertise, and achieve some personal goals. One of these goals was to create my own blog, cuppbea.wordpress.com, and work on finding my own personal voice. Being promoted to Intern Manager was another big step for me. I felt proud of myself for being able to manage interns, develop the intern path, and research options that were sustainable for the company. 

Overall, my experience at Camp Now has been remarkably transformative—both as a writer as well as a person—and I cannot wait to discover where the path leads to next. Please continue to read this blog as we share our wonderful experiences here at the company, and let you see a glimpse at this grassroots, artist development startup, with an emphasis on you, and finding your gift! Thanks for reading! 

Onwards and upwards,