An Invitation to Create Reality, From Gabby

"What if I told you everything is ok?
What if I told you it’s all meant to be this way? What if I went further to say your pain is divine? What if I told you, you are as old as time?" - From the song, Holy Tender by Lizzie West  

To: My friends, who might be ready to step into their power and start creating reality

From: Your friend, Gabby, as I navigate the process of connecting with my power and creating reality and invite you to do the same

An image of an early Crealitation Station of mine. 

An image of an early Crealitation Station of mine. 

Dear You,

I know a lot of us have been feeling pretty discouraged about the current state of the world. It is obvious that there is a lot of turmoil. As much as the world is having a hard time coming to agreements right now, people everywhere are able to agree that it’s time for some real big changes.

I teach yoga. Every person comes to my yoga classes for a different reason. We like to say that the purpose that unites everyone in the yoga class is that every single person comes to feel better. I see this metaphor of my yoga classes as pretty relevant to the world at large. Right now, we’re all thinking and feeling a whole lot of different things, but at the end of the day every single one of us wants to feel better tomorrow than we do today.

A lot of the chaos that we are seeing in the world is being brought about from a lack of connection. There is a large scale lack of connection between human beings where we aren’t looking each other in the eye and we aren’t listening to understand, but rather to respond. There is a dangerous lack of connection between humans and the Earth, where our sources of food and energy are becoming more and more distant and mysterious. It can be scary to think about. Thinking about the world’s problems would make me feel small and insignificant if I didn’t believe in my power to create reality, starting by reconnecting with myself.

We are seeing a lot of friction on a global scale. When there is a lot of friction, there is a lot of heat. It can be super uncomfortable, but when there is friction and heat there is the opportunity for burning off what is no longer serving us. There is an opportunity for purification. On an individual level, most of us understand that the tough times in our lives are challenging, yet they are essential for making us stronger and more whole. I like to think of the current state of the world in the same way; as a tough time that can make us stronger and more whole when we are in the right mindset.

A screenshot from a live video that Maze, her little Guru, and I filmed of us singing for peace on the courthouse steps in Albany, NY.

A screenshot from a live video that Maze, her little Guru, and I filmed of us singing for peace on the courthouse steps in Albany, NY.

When we take a step back to find gratitude every day, to make space to breathe and to be open to learning, we evolve humanity to a new level of consciousness, oneness and peace.

There is a choice each of us can make today (and keep making every day).  We can feel victimized and helpless in the face of difficulty, or we can choose to view the world as an extension of ourselves and as a manifestation of our collective consciousness. When I started viewing my life as a product of my thoughts and the world as an extension of my consciousness, I started to feel powerful, beautiful and whole.

Everything we know to be real in the world was created in somebody’s mind. Countries, for example, did not exist at the dawn of time. The idea of countries was created by somebody who thought a divided world would be easier to manage. The Constitution of the United States was created in the minds of our Founding Fathers. Somebody came up with the drawings of the maps of state borders. Somebody came up with the idea of money. In many cases it was a lot somebodies, but the point is all of this stuff did not exist before it came into someone’s mind that it should exist.

Therefore, when we want to see something exist in the world, we can use our minds to create it. That is how everything in this world has come into existence, so let’s tap into our power to create.

This is a lot to take in. On a global scale, it’s all big, convoluted stuff. Sometimes it empowers me to think about taking on the world’s challenges and sometimes it scares me, so I’m taking a step back and starting by reconnecting with myself and my own power. When I connect to my true self and my true desires and you connect to your true self and your true desires, together we will create a space where our collective desires are realized. At that point, what is there that we cannot accomplish?

Me, shining my light unapologetically.

Me, shining my light unapologetically.

I want to feel better. I want to live a life full of purpose. I want to be happy. Do you?

So what do you say? Are you ready to take this journey with me? Are you ready to view yourself as having the ability to create your own happy story?

My friend Cassidy A. Maze invented a process called Crealitation. Crealitation is a big project, an evolution really. It involves music, stories, legends and real people making real changes, but what it boils down to is in the title itself. It’s all about creating reality. It’s pretty cool stuff and I want you to join me in exploring what we can create. Studying Crealitation- the art of creating reality- has allowed me to step into my power in new and exciting ways. It has helped G.E. Fox (who you can find on instagram as take control of her life and it will help you be the author of your own story too.

We start by making a space for ourselves where we sit quietly every day. We light a candle to represent our inner light. We use a journal to document how we feel and to write down our wishes. We use deep breaths of gratitude (DBGs) to feel better.

Are you ready to take control of your own life, shine your light, and work with me to save the world from the inside out?

Let me know when you’re game, friends. If you have questions for me or for Maze, please email We’re here to help you start winning your life.

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I’m super excited to see what where this evolution takes us.

Your friend,