Electors Unite For America

To: You, who is ready to stand in solidarity with our brave Electors

From: Me, who is ready to do the same and is calling for Artist Activation Now

Dear You,

Here's what our press release says:

"Please watch and share this video and call to action asap! Do you remember? Artists have the power to start a wave and light up the country in vigil by Monday morning at 9:00am."


Starting this Sunday, December 18 at Noon, performance artist and peace activist known as "Maze" (author of past work and character, Lizzie West and 19 Miles To Baghdad) releases video and authentic call for fellow artists to meet at their courthouses, light up the country in a wave of song, and go on record as standing with the Electors who vote their conscience on Monday December 19.

Please share the video and play track in news bumps over the next 48 hours. In this world, a lot can happen in two days. Artists swarm court houses like the vets swarmed standing rock. Block Trump and protect our democracy NOW. Peace in the Valley, Peace in the Now!

P.S. Enjoy this FREE download of Redemption Song by our collective.


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More soon!

Cassidy A. Maze

Artist: cassidyamaze.com

Work: crealitation.com

Past work: thelegendoflizziewest.com

Company: campnow.biz