You Are Invited

To: You who is ready to employ self discipline for the sake of crealitating world peace Now

From: Me, who is busy doing the same, while also employing awesome local artists to rock the Valley in every way they can


Dear You,

This week’s Crew Blog is an invitation to subscribe to The Dear You… Daily at That is where you get the inside skinny on the juicy fat of all things Crealitation, Camp Now and the evolution at large.  Like what? Like inspiring free content, workshops, tools, shows, hiring opportunities, discounts, and more…

Thank you for taking this Journey with us. It's an honor to share the path with you. Some of us have known each other for a long Time Now. My artist history goes way back: But that was another lifetime and this is Now. I have become someone new, someone I love to be.

I'm Cassidy A. Maze, Inventor of Crealitation and your self-proclaimed tour guide across Time. As Creator, and CEO, of Camp Now Productions LLC (, I feel it is my responsibility to help us all remember Now as best I can.

I am sole owner of this artist and content development company located in New Lebanon, NY, and I work with amazing partners to help me move the Happy Story forward. I love managing our ever evolving, expanding and contracting, interchangeable, crew of art fairies and gnomes (ie: art students) who come in and out of our eight-acre, creekside, incubation/Art Farm, studio and shop.

Along with being Owner/CEO and Crew Manager, I'm also Chief Art Fairy and Columnist for Camp Now Productions. I publish a public Instagram, a private daily email service, and a community blog; as well as an interactive online incubation space for those who are ready to crealitate peace Now.

I spend a lot of my time teaching The Art of Creating Reality; mentoring and guiding art students to curate, research, edit, illustrate, write, package, publish, produce, and perform a multi-media, multi-platform, fantastical, story about human evolution. All our work here at Camp Now, is about building and utilizing a proactive social justice arts platform, both online and off.

We share multimedia stories across multiple platforms for the purpose of empowering artists to crealitate peace. By empowering young artists, of all races and creeds, to create their reality and find their gifts–without “selling out," we create a healthy culture for many generations to come. Our mission is to recruit, promote and support a new generation of young artists, while helping them create the reality of their dreams, and inspire others to do the same.

I am currently working with my legendary apprentice, G.E. Fox, and her all star crew, to design our Winter Artist In Residency campaign. We are now seeking a host of players to join our next Semester’s work. Subscribe to the Daily to find out more about our upcoming adventures and how you can participate in crealitating peace Now.

 More soon…

 Cassidy A. Maze,, @crealitation,

P.S. Enjoy the below collection of photos and videos to get a sense of who we are this Winter. Participate in the next session at Camp Now, virtually or in person, Nov 8-Dec 20th. Find out more in the Daily. What role did you play in the Evolution? Do you re*Member? Love Now

Join us at Camp Now this Winter: LDMK, Sakina, Mae, BirdMan, Will, Paul, Maze, guest appearances from album mates like the The Big Takeover and Friends, Andy Cureado, and more...

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