It's An Evolution

To: You, who doesn’t have Time to read this Letter     From: Me, who is always, in one way or another, working with and writing about, the major issue of Time Debt in our society

To: You, who doesn’t have Time to read this Letter

From: Me, who is always, in one way or another, working with and writing about, the major issue of Time Debt in our society

Photo by J.R.B. October 21st, 2016. Stacking wood at the Camp Now Art Farm is one of my favorite new ways to spend my Time.

Dear You,

Let’s start from the beginning.

This story is about us, about how we empowered ourselves to stop spinning and, finally, crealitated enough Time to make the Magic we need.

This is a multimedia Maze of magical, mythical, musical and non-linear content that leads to a real, true, communications support system for creating a truly authentic and happy life.

I'm Cassidy A. Maze, inventor of Crealitation, I wear a lot of hats and I'm a lot of things to a lot of people… inventor, performance artist, creating reality coach, art farmer, mama, CEO, lover, mentor, boss, student and more. is my artist history site.

Camp Now Productions is the name of my artist and content development/production company,

Crealitation is the name of my transmedia fantasy series in development

Crealitation, the Musical is my current transmedia project focus. It is the stage show and album portion of my new work,

The Camp Now Gift Shop and Art Farm is a start up family homestead. We are a destination location where one can learn the Art of Creating Reality and how to apply it to Your life in real Time. The Art Farm is also home to a Tiny Shop full of local, handmade, utilitarian tools that help You create Your own reality Now. Crealitation content and artists are developed here, the crew is trained and works here, business is conducted, work retreats are hosted and more.

I’m talking about making practical changes Now, about walking in the green grass of NATURE every day, about holding space in a private online community, about finding your gifts and finishing the work you came here to do. More advanced Crealitation assignments call for raising your heart rate twice a week, doing deep trance meditations several times a day, working with Nature's Medicines and Sensimilla Music as needed, while also playing with your own family, writing to-do lists, schedules, and more. In your most fantastical version of our own life, you are free and it's Time to believe in Magic again. Not that You ever stopped. Did You?

This human journey is about making Magic and using that Magic to build our own dreams. In this Game, we follow our horoscopes, stand up for local cottage industry, make time for devotion to our own sols and for reading things like this Letter. It's Time to slow down. Think it. Write it. Do it. Make real changes now.

At Camp Now, we don't make your dreams come true for you. We empower you to make your own dreams come true. We help you make sure your dream is truly your own dream and identify what you actually want. We also help you understand how to construct a healthy path to get there.

I'm inviting You to the Art Farm, in person, or virtually, to tour the visions we are building here. Explore the websites, subscribe for The Dear You Daily... and write for more information. We are currently nailing down details on our December Residency where You can meet the crew and work with my all star apprentice, G.E. Fox, to crealitate peace Now. We are also in an amazing process of casting the singing voice for one of the characters in Crealitation, The Musical. So, what's the next role and who are we thinking of for it? Where will we record it and why? How can you sit in on a rehearsal in real time and watch amazing artists doing their best work? Tune into The Dear You… Daily to get the inside skinny on the juicy fat of all things Crealitation, Camp Now and the evolution at large.

More soon…

C.A.M. Inventor of Crealitation


P.S. Interested in auditioning for a role in the evolution? Singing? illustrating? Building sets? Subscribe to the Daily and watch for discounts, potential gigs, job opportunities, prizes, and more. 

Re*Member Now: This is all an exciting journey into a well-rounded education in becoming a successful, and powerful, independent artist. In Crealitation, independence means a lot of things– including working with larger companies to develop your work while always maintaining authenticity and never selling out. Love Now.