Press Release 11/12/18

Local Artists Activate Community Center Space To Serve Student/Artist Culture and Raise Awareness Around Public Spending

Catskill, NY – Local artist, Matt Bua and his wife, Cassidy A. Maze Bua, are transforming a storefront space at the Catskill Community Center and turning it into “Camp Now, Catskill”, a holiday pop up market in three parts.

Camp Now ( recruits, hires, promotes, and supports a new generation of artist activists committed to creating a peaceful world Now. 

Our current work is: “Camp Now, Catskill, a Holiday Pop Up Gift Shop, Coffee house, and Tiny Theater.”

Camp Now, Catskill, is located at 344 Main Street in Catskill, NY, from December 12 - December 23rd. Our 2018 Holiday Pop Up includes concerts, theatrical performances, an artist mentorship program, and a vocational clubhouse. 12:30pm – 6:30pm. Monday – Sunday, with special events on some evenings. Please see website:


Camp Now, Catskill Pop Up is a Holiday Adventure designed to be productive and fun for the whole family and community. Come visit Camp Now to witness and learn about the real time building of this hybrid Art Installation, Gift Shop, Coffee/Snack House, Tiny Theater and Cooperative Model in development. The pop up is intended to draw attention to the potential power of community, point to the problem of underutilized public spaces, underserved youth culture, and untapped teaching talent in the Hudson Valley.

The project is an incubation pop up for all ages. We’ll be serving Swirling Hot Chocolate, Magic Maple Elixir, Freshly Roasted Coffee and popcorn (sponsored by HiLo) and other hearty snacks, while hosting fun happenings and vocational clubs. We’ll also be selling useful holiday gifts, for the whole family, wonderfully wrapped by local artists! Gift ideas include: coffee beans, art supplies, music supplies, and more.

Be among the first to travel in our Time Machine! First testing: 12/12/18, 6:33 pm. Suggested donation for the maiden voyage and performance: $12 First come first served. Get tickets Now via email or in person at the Pop Up.

In addition to time travel adventures, concerts and shows, featuring gifts made by students on-site (including journals, art supplies, music supplies, and more) Matt and Cassidy Bua plan to advocate for the benefit of starting cottage industry vocational schools as a positive alternative to incarceration. Over the course of ten days, the pop up will make a clear and proactive argument for investing local and regional resources into small business, arts and community development. The Camp Now pop up will empower artists from several mediums to teach students locally in the areas of sewing, music, photography, and more.

Ticket prices:

Suggested Donations/Sliding Scale/Cooperative Trades/Gift Prices

About Camp Now:

Camp Now, Developing Artists, Content and Community since 2012.


Known for its out of the box artist and community development, Camp Now will uphold its promise to activate an underutilized space in the community center and aim to present a proposal for stimulating local economy - through artist development and vocational training - that keeps students off the streets, off their screens and learning real life skills. Through the process of building a community interactive public art installation, Camp Now intends to prove the viability of a local vocational school and business model as a powerful use of limited resources and tax-payer money. Camp Now Productions was founded by Cassidy A. Maze Bua, with Matt Bua and other regional partners. Camp Now Productions has produced a music and multimedia summer camp in 2012, a four-year youth culture content creating think tank and development from 2014 - 2018, and three pop up test markets in Marlboro, NY, Great Barrington, MA, and New Lebanon, NY.

Under the visionary guidance of new Executive Director, Jen DuBois, The Camp Now Catskill Pop Up has been initiated by Matt and Cassidy Bua - with their daughters, Piper and Louise. Thanks to the Catskill Community Center for helping bring this vision to life. Thanks also to the mentors who have joined us in developing the next level of our programming: Stephanie Dougherty, Gil Melchior, Liam Singer, Carmen Borgia and more. This Camp Now group residency/mentorship/cooperative program model has been in development by Camp Now Productions LLC since 2012. This Holiday Season 2018, please join us for our most evolved incarnation yet.


To learn more about this project, please contact

G.E. Fox, Camp Now Media Relations

G.E. Fox: 518-965-9073