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Empowering people to create their reality, find their gifts and help others do the same.

Camp Now Productions is a content development company. We empower people to create their reality, find their gifts and help others do the same. 

Through developing the character and work of our founder: singer-songwriter, performance artist, writer and social justice entrepreneur, Elizabeth Astrid Westergaard (aka, Lizzie West/Cassidy A. Maze or "Maze"), we develop content that empowers people to create their reality, locally, nationally and globally.

Westergaard, founder of Camp Now Productions and creator of Lizzie West, Cassidy A. Maze and the Crealitation Series, brings over two decades of professional experience to the formation of her new character, work, and company. 

CNP supports Maze, and crew, in their creation, packaging and licensing of Cassidy A. Maze, The Legend of Lizzie West and the original, transmedia series, Crealitation (The Art of Creating Reality). 

As part of the development of Maze and her work, Camp Now recruits, hires, promotes, and supports a new generation of artist activists committed to helping crealitate a peaceful world Now. 

We manage financial accounting, bookkeeping, and insurance of all kinds for our artist. Content development and management also include: music publishing, fundraising, patron/investor relations, community development, coaching, grant writing, and hiring and managing our broad professional crew. 

In short, Camp Now handles everything the business manager shouldn't have to worry about.


We provide  social media and web basics, privatized online culture, copyright and trademark management, holistic health, sustainability practices and holistic touring strategies. Camp Now also supports our artist in property, childcare and animal management.

Healthy personal management is integral to the growth of our founding artist and her intellectual property. We allow Maze and her crew to work with integrity and efficiency so they can create and monetize crealitation content that will help #saveourmotherplanet on Time. 

The Legend of Lizzie West, Cassidy A. Maze,  Crealitation, and Camp Now have been in development for over twenty years. Subscribe to Maze's private blog for free coaching and in progress content.

This project is on target to be a quantum leap for Maze's career and her private blog is a rare opportunity to watch her work from the ground up. Through the blog you can also stay tuned to what's happening on our private scene and join us at an intimate content development event. Onward in the Evolution friends.