Camp Now History

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Empowering people to create their reality, find their gifts and help others do the same.


Camp Now Productions is an artist and community development/intellectual property company founded by Elizabeth Westergaard (Stage/Pen Names: Lizzie West/Cassidy A. Maze),

Under the pen name, Cassidy A. Maze, Westergaard has worked with a large crew of young artists from the Hudson Valley to bring her new work to life; including artists, musicians, producers, graphic designers, web designers, merchandise, book makers and social organizers. She refers to this cooperative collaboration as a person in her own right named G.E. Fox.

G.E. Fox is 18 years old this year. She is the illustrator, media manager of Camp Now, and apprentice to Cassidy A. Maze. Through the 2018/2019 Pop Ups and Publishing Strategy, Cassidy A. Maze will help G.E. Fox publish her story across multiple platforms, in serial, hand made, limited edition, books, boxes, thumb drives and webisodes.

Camp Now Productions was co-founded by Westergaard’s business partners: Cameron Melville of Club Helsinki, Hudson NY, and Hillary Melville, of Random Harvest, Hillsdale, NY, and with grants from the Stephen O’Neil Foundation. Co-Founding Creative Partners are Matt Bua, Jongchube Loisel, and Sonia Morrison.

Camp Now Productions was formed to serve as an investment vehicle for the creation, development, and piloting of Westergaard’s original musical fantasy series - and social entrepreneurship platform - “Crealitation (The Art of Creating Reality).”

Camp Now Productions produced a music and theater summer camp in 2012, a four year youth culture content creating think tank from 2014 - 2018, and three pop ups test markets in Marlboro, NY, Great Barrington, MA and New Lebanon, NY.