Camp Now Coffee: A Community Building Bean

Thank you for your interest in Camp Now Coffee. 100% of our profits go to support artist and community development. Located in Catskill NY, we work with local coffee gurus, Liam and Laura Singer of Hilo, to curate and package the best, most affordable, and sustainable, coffee for our community.

We are musicians and activist artists with a big dream. Our local, family run, Coffee Company, sells jars of Brooklyn roasted beans.

Meanwhile, we are building a “Community Supported, Agriculture, Arts and Activism model in the making.”

If you like what we do, please sign up for our coffee subscription service. Once we get enough subscribers, we will activate our business plan for a local roasting infrastructure that can serve patrons, small businesses and restaurants in the region - while also serving our local youth with early vocational training.

1 Jar: $13.95

Direct Trade. Medium Roast With A Subtle Chocolaty, Caramel Flavor.

Origin: El Salvador and Honduras

Weight: 13.5 Oz

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